Alone In The Dark 5 Trailer

12 May 2006
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Alone In The Dark 5 will give survival horror fans a tour through New York City, of course while being chased down by things that go bump in the night. The game is set for release in 2007. Here’s the trailer:

In the game you can look for cars to be safe from the monsters that appeared after an incident. The car doors can be locked to keep the monsters out. You’re also able to turn on the heating to defrost the ice, look around and rummage through the glove box for guns.

If you find a car you’re able to break in and hot wire it in a little match-the-wires mini game, match up the wrong wires and the horn beeps, alerting the monsters about you. The radio plays static and the occasional SOS broadcast.

Each section of the game is broken down into 30-40 minutes, each with an ending or cliffhanger, sometimes followed by a movie for the next section.


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