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10 May 2006
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playstation-3-black.jpgSony’s upcoming Playstation 3 console has finally been fully unveiled, the beans all spilt. But with so much information tossed it, it can be hard to keep up. So here, in easy list form, are all the crucial details you need to know.

– The system includes a built in hard-drive. Two versions available: 20GB and 60GB. 20GB will cost: $500 (€500) ($549CND) 60GB: A whopping 60GB $600 (€600) ($659CND).
– The Playstation 3 will be released worldwide this November, 2006. In Japan on November 11th, and in North America, Europe and Australia on Nov. 17th.
– The Playstation 3 features a controller that looks exactly the same as the PS2 controller, but features a tilt/motion sensor inside, allowing you to move in the game simply by tilting the controller.
– All PS3 games will be on Blue-Ray Discs and will be region free, meaning you can play games from any country on your PS3.
– The PS3 will be backwards compatible with all PSOne and PS2 games, and will accept virtually all disc types, from DVD movies to regular music CD’s to burned DVD’s and CD’s and more.
– Sony expects to ship two million PS3 units in its first month of launch, four million by the end of the year, and six million by the end of its fiscal year, which ends in March 31
– Developers have gotten complete Development Kits six months in advance of launch, the most amount of time they have ever had.
– The PS3 will have a network just like Xbox Live, allowing you to download content, including game demos, trailers, wallpaper, images, updates for your games, music and more, to your hard-drive. Gamers will also have a profile, and even be able to record videos with the Eyetoy, to send to their friends and things of that nature.
– The PS3 will feature parental controls for all types of content, games and movies as well as online.
– The PS3 will be able to hook up to the PSP for many different uses, depending on the game. An example of this was using the PSP as a rearview mirror in a racing game.


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