Wii controller Versus PS3 controller

9 May 2006
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IGN was at the show and explains the technology inside Sony’s controller is a basic tilting accelerometer device. In a sense, that’s the same style of control as the left hand of the Wii combination. Think of the Nintendo technology as true 3D movement vs. Sony’s basic tilt. The Wii controller will sense all pointing, motion and a new dimension of control, while the PS3 controller will expand only on the specific tilt functions.

Is this technology the same?
No. In fact, the best way to imagine it is to relate the Sony PS3 controller to the left-hand Wii controller; dubbed nunchuck. In short, you would not be able to play a game like Metroid Prime in the same way using the PS3 controller.

What is the difference for developers?
Simply put, it’s tilt vs. motion sensing. Monkey Ball for Wii and PS3 would essentially be the same, since it’s only using the tilt ability of the controller. On the other hand, a 3D tennis game or sword fighting game with swing control elements is impossible for the PS3 hardware, as it requires full motion sensing technology.


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