Sega announces Sonic Wild Fire as Wii exclusive

9 May 2006
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Sega announced today that Sonic will be headed to the Nintendo Wii in Sonic Wild Fire (working title) due for release early 2007.

It’s the first solo adventure for the character since 1991’s original Sonic The Hedgehog, challenging the fellow to recreate the last chapters of the classic Arabian Nights tale. We’re promised a “refreshing new look” filled with “brightly colored mosaic tiles, glistening oases, swaying palm trees, and crumbling stone columns.”

The key onus, however, will be on how this Wii exclusive will adapt to the console’s controller. According to Sega of America, the game breathes “untapped freedom in gameplay and control”, with gamers tilting the horizontal controller to steer Sonic left and right. You’ll also be able to move it forward, which will activate a dash attack to kill falling enemies and smashing barriers.

There is also the promise of “unique controller-focused mini-games” with multiplayer options. More info soon.


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