Microsoft Pre-E3 Conference – New Live Games

9 May 2006
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Lumines for Sony PSPStraight from Microsoft’s Pre-E3 Press Conference, a gaggle of new games are being brought to Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace, where you will be able to purchase them. The games announced include: Pac-Man, Contra, Galaga, Sonic, Defender, Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting, Time Pilot, Ultra Mortal Kombat 3, Scramble, Dig Dug, Rootbear Tapper, Track and Field, Ms. Pac-Man, Time Pilot, Defender, Super Contra, Paperboy, Rally-X, Frogger.

Namco, Konami, Sega, and Midway all on board. All arcade classics will have updated HD graphics, some will have XBLive multiplayer. “With Xbox Live Arcade, we’re doing for games what Sundance does for movies,” says Moore. “We provide up and coming talent with a venue to show their skills.” He adds that Lumines Live will be coming to the system.

Also included will be a Live version of Lumines called simply: Lumines Live. In a partnership with Warner Music Group Microsoft will have the ability to integrate downloadable content, music and videos into Lumines while you play. The ability to add new videos and music to the game should make for infinite replayability. I personally can’t wait to be able to download Contra, it’s great seeing all these old games being revived on 360. More info as the show continues.


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