Yes! Wii gets Star Wars light saber love

Star Wars - Clone Wars, Vol. 1 (Animated)According to Andreas Garbe, gaming journalist and blogger, has posted message on his personal blog,that an exclusive Star Wars Game for the Wii console will be announced and revealed on tuesday.

It has been the desire of many video game fans to see a Star Wars game appear on the machine to fight with light sabers in real life with the innovations of the Wii controller. According to Garbe, Nintendo and Lucasarts will unveil the new game during Nintendo’s media briefing which begins tomorrow at 9.30AM L.A. time.

E3 update: After a PS3/Xbox 360 Star Wars game was shown to members of the press, they asked the developers about a Wii Star Wars game, and got knowing smiles from the room of LucasArts employees. Comments like “We are looking into it” were heard from members of their staff as ideas for the Wii game were discussed among the people in the room. So nothing officially announced yet, but you can be very sure there will be in the future.