Movie director Guillermo Del Toro directing horror game Sundown

8 May 2006
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Hellboy (Director\'s Cut)Movie director Guillermo Del Toro is stepping into the next-gen gaming arena, partnering with BloodRayne developers Terminal reality for an action horror game called Sundown.

Presumably this is something of a side-project while Del Toro, whose previous credits include Hellboy and Blade II, makes his mind up about whether or not to take the helm on the Halo movie he’s been repeatedly linked to, but it sounds like he’s in it for the long haul regardless. He’s onto something, check out his quote below.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Del Toro believes his partnership with Terminal Reality is “a great opportunity for me to help be a bridge to what I believe is the future,” adding that “in the next 10 years, narrative media is going to shift to a hybrid of video games and movies.” Via: Eurogamer.


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