Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime for DS

8 May 2006
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Dragon Quest Slime Controller and PS2 Dragon Quest VIII BundleEvery Dragon Quest adventure (Dragon Quest being the most popular RPG series in Japan, even above Final Fantasy, and Enix’s main franchise) has something adorable in common . . . . Slimes! These unassuming, humble blue creatures are always easily defeated and encountered early on in the game . . . the only thing making them not easy to defeat is their cuteness! How can you hit such a creature?!

Well, now those slimes are getting their own Nintendo DS game with the just-announced Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime.

In the game you will control a blue slimeball named Rocket. When his utopian town of Slimenia is attacked by a mysterious and evil group known as “The Plob”, the brave little slime jumps into action to save his fellow slimes who have all been kidnapped by the group from their slime-capital of Boingburg. As mentioned, the game will have you controlling Rocket through a number of different areas on his quest to rescue his friends. Stretching, bouncing and carving through objects using his head. When fighting bosses you will take control of the Schleiman Tank to blast the bosses to smithereens. He’ll also eventually be able to call upon his rescued friends for help, each of which will have their own powers and abilities.

Rocket Slime will also feature wireless multiplayer options that will let you pit giant slime tanks against each other for some adorable slime deathmatching. The game features adorably cute graphics and a number of popular Dragon Quest monsters will make appearences in the game. Sllime and other Dragon Quest spin-offs have usually been exclusive to Japan, but this one will be coming to the US, no release date has yet to be announced, but we’ll keep you posted as news is announced.


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