Ouendan gets an outside Japan DS release as Elite Agent Force

7 May 2006
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Updated: The game will feature new music, different backgrounds, a new storyline, along with a new name, making it more like a remake than a localized version.

N-Philes interview with G4’s X-Play (US game show) co-host Morgan Webb unearthed (and later edited away) some great news for American Nintendo DS owners. They reported that the Japanese cult hit “Ossu! Tatakae! Ouendan!” will be released in the US as a renamed “Elite Agent Force”.

Ouendan makes you a member of a local helper squadron. Your goal is to help out people who are in a pinch, thereby bringing peace to the world. Ouendan’s gameplay is based around a simple concept that combines comic-book style storytelling with rhythmic gameplay.

You interact with the game by touching numbered markers, called Hit Markers, that appear on the screen and slowly begin to shrink. The timing of your touches is important, as you have to strike the Hit Markers in time with the movement of a Timer Cycle, displayed at the top on the screen. Connect successful strikes together, and you build up a combo which adds to your score. Successful play affects the outcome of the an episode that unravels on the top screen.

Haha, this sounds so insanely Japanese, let’s hope they keep the “storyline” about the same in the English version ๐Ÿ™‚


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