Konami announces Revolution game Elebits

27 April 2006
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Pokemon ChannelThis week’s Famitsu revealed Konami’s first title for the Nintendo Revolution, which looks like it’s going to be a more casual game themed somewhere in between the GameCube’s Pikmin and the Xbox 360’s upcoming Viva Pinata.

The creatures the game revolves around also provide the game’s title – they are called Elebits, a short form for “electrical bit”. They are tiny, cute animals, which players need to actively hunt for in order to catch them. Meanwhile, the game world around them is supposed to constantly evolve.

The development team will be headed by producer Shingo Mukaitouge, responsible for the music game series Guitar Freaks and Drum Mania. He says Elebits is going to center on three major ideas:

* The player should feel like he’s actually touching the game world itself,
* He will need to move various things around to find items and,
* A thorough presentation of the new IP itself – the Elebits creatures.

No release date was announced, expect more at E3.


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