First Person Shooter console rumoring

18 April 2006
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Halo 2: Limited Edition for XboxJoystiq rounds up the FPS chatter by noting Halo 3 is now rumored for a 2007 release, many Xbox 360 gamers were hoping that Gears of War would help fill the void.

The good news is that Epic’s highly anticipated sci-fi shooter will be making an E3 appearance this spring. However, EB Games and GameStop are listing a November release date for the finished product.

Unreal Tournament 2004 - Editor's Choice (DVD)TeamXbox speculates that this initial release date could be a move on Microsoft’s part to counter the PS3’s expected launch title, Unreal Tournament 2007. Then again, Midway hasn’t confirmed that the next Unreal will make the PS3 launch window.

Meanwhile, Ubisoft recently unveiled their Revolution-exclusive shooter Red Steel, which will likely be a launch title. As always, confirmations can be expected at E3 next month.


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