Microsoft portable Origami tablet PC not an Xbox handheld

2 March 2006
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ViewSonic V1250 Tablet PC (1.00 GHz Pentium M (Centrino), 256 MB RAM, 30 GB Hard Drive, Wi-Fi LAN)Reports coming in show that despite earlier rumours, Microsoft’s portable, called the Origami, isn’t intended as a portable Xbox. From the article: “As shown in the leaked video, Origami machines will feature a touch-sensitive screen a la Microsoft’s tablet PC line (or Nintendo DS), will run Windows XP, and will be priced lower than most full-size laptops, running from around $500 to $1,000.

If that price tag seems too low for a mobile PC with a high-end graphics chip, which would be necessary to run the Halo footage shown in the leaked concept video, that’s because it is. The AP article says flat-out that the Origami is ‘not a portable version of Microsoft’s Xbox videogame console,’ nor is it ‘a music player designed to take on Apple Computer Inc.’s mega-popular iPod.'”


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