Infinium Labs Phantom game console on hold

23 February 2006
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phantom by infinium labsThe Phantom is quite the vague game console, some say it never even existed much like a ghost, but it looks like it’s coming to a closing soon.

Slashdot writes “Looks like the Infinium Labs Phantom Game Console is put on hold until they can secure some more funding. Right now the company is focusing on getting its Phantom Lapboard to the market, and may pursue the Phantom Game service later. Interesting note, they have spent almost 4 times as much on Consultants as they have in development costs so far.”

From the Gamespot article: “From its inception in December of 2002 through September of last year, Infinium racked up $62.7 million in losses. Of that, only $3.5 million has been lost to development costs.

The company has spent more than half that in advertising, even though none of its products or services have been released yet. More of the company’s money has been going toward consultants ($12.8 million), salaries ($11.9 million), and general and administrative expenses ($5.9 million).”


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