New screenshots for Mother 3 (EarthBound in US)

16 February 2006
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mother 3 first screenshotThe rest of the pictures can be seen here. Unfortunately, fans of Nintendo’s uber-popular (stateside and among the Nintendo faithful that is) EarthBound series haven’t been thrown any bones for quite a while. It’s my opinion that Nintendo made a big mistake by not cashing in on the popularity of Ness with either the original Smash Bros. or Super Smash Bros. Melee, where it would’ve made a lot of sense for them to release a new EarthBound game since Ness was a well known main character.

Last year Nintendo did quietly announce that Mother 3 would be released in Japan in April on the GBA, although the game has gotten little fanfare since then. Hopefully that will change soon as the game’s release grows closer and Nintendo will hopefully have enough sense to release the game worldwide (at least in the US in English for importers) to satisfy the many EarthBound fans.

Today Nintendo finally released a few new pictures of the game, as well as an mp3 song you can download from the game off it’s official web-site. The site is in Japanese, but it should be easy to find. You can access the web-site here and the newest screenshots here.

Still no new news on a release of Mother 1&2 for the GBA outside Japan. Hopefully Nintendo will release it as it’d be a crime if they didn’t. That game includes the original Mother for NES, and Mother II which came to the US on the Super NES as EarthBound. For those interested in all things EarthBound, check out one of the biggest fansites at


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