Everquest celebrates 7th birthday — both original and sequel expand

In March Everquest will celebrate it’s 7th birthday. Celebrations start with a brand-new expansion that is in the works for the original game called Prophecy of Ro. It will be the 11th major add-on for the game, which is still being supported by Sony Online Entertainment despite being overshadowed by newer big-name MMORPGs like World of Warcraft as well as it’s own sequel, Everquest II. The expansion is set for February and will be available in both an online download, costing $26.99 and a retail boxed version that includes the original game, for $29.99.

The new expansion will add over 30 new missions, 25 unique creatures, seven zones, and six small instances to the game. As well as allowing players to create magical spheres of influence which will alter the rules of the game, and featuring more destructable environments, allowing players to break doors and demolish walls, among other structures.

Also announced is a new expansion pack for the sequel to Everquest, Everquest II. Kingdom of Sky is the name of the new expansion, and it will release on Feb. 21st and cost the same amount as the aforementioned expansion, also being offered in online and retail versions. Kingdom of Sky will add an all-new structured skill and ability achievement system raise the level cap for adventurer and artisans to level 70 and guilds to level 50. It will add 10 new zones, 25 new monsters, and “troves” of new items. Its plot will concern the Overrealm, a new realm of floating islands suspended at high altitudes, as well as a plot by ancient foes of Norrath to wreak havoc.

Kingdom of Sky will include a much-demanded feature–a player versus player combat system which will allow members of the game’s opposing good and evil sides to duke it out with each other. However, EverQuesterians won’t have to buy the expansion to get PvP–the functionality will be included in a free patch released in late or mid-February.

For more information on both titles, check out their official web-sites:
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