A mainstream newspaper giving a pro-gaming article?

Some of you may find this Washington Post article interesting. It was written by Sebastian Mallaby and has him discussing the positive impact that certain computer games have had on his 11 year-old son; Games for which he approves as they deal with intelligent subjects and require some skill with numbers and reasoning, as well as historical and economical aspects in regard to real-time strategy titles like Age of Empires III, a game which the father sites in the article. While it’s readily apparent to any true video game fan that the father doesn’t know much about video games or the gaming industry, and he admits that he hasn’t played many, or any, games, the article still provides a lot of insight into the positive-side of video games and what they teach kids, as the kids learn how to play the games, and he informs parents that not all video games are “bad” or “evil”, which is a breath of fresh air to hear from the downright ignorant press.

I suggest that any parents of video game playing children read the article, and it’s an interesting read nonetheless even for us gamers who already know what skills video games help to develop. You can check the article out by clicking here.