Sega classics likely on Revolution

According to Reggie Fils-Aime, chief marketing officer of Nintendo, Sega is intrigued by the Nintendo Revolution’s “backwards compatibility,” however he stopped just short of a confirmation that classic Sega games will be included.

Although this news isn’t the “surprise” everyone is waiting for, the ability to play classic Sega games would without a doubt, be a huge addition to the Nintendo Revolution. If you can’t wait until 2006 to play classic Sega games, have a look at for your Sega-fix.

With the Xbox 360’s downloadable (classic) games having online multi-player included. Here’s to hoping Nintendo will allow any classic multiplayer games, first or third party, to be made playable via WiFi worldwide…

PS: He also stated that the Classic Controller expansion for the Revolution’s controller will look similar to the GameCube’s Wavebird.