Kameo: Elements of Power review video (Xbox 360)

Kameo: Elements of Power for Xbox 360Kameo: Elements of Power is an epic adventure, full of exploration and intense combat. The future of the world depends on Kameo, who must capture, grow, and unleash a wide assortment of incredible monsters to combat ever-present evil and rescue her three Elemental Ancestors from the Dark Troll King — who threatens the planet and its wildlife.

Originally scheduled for release on Xbox in 2003 (after the GameCube version was cancelled), Kameo for Xbox was moved to the console’s successor, the Xbox 360.

Blending the heady thrills of exploration and puzzle-solving with the adrenaline rush of real-time 3D battles, Kameo: Elements of Power is an ambitious title from the makers of GoldenEye and Banjo-Kazooie. The concept mixes combat action with creature transformations, letting the title’s female star morph into monsters and use their special powers against others as Kameo searches out and battles ever-present evil. The Xbox 360 game also features multiplayer co-op play, both online and offline (split-screen).

One of the most developed and fulfilling games for the Xbox 360 launch lineup. Learn all about it in this Kameo: Elements of Power video review.

Features in Kameo are:
* Real-time morph-into-warrior action. This innovative combat system allows players to harness and strategically employ the unique powers of 10 elemental warriors from the five Elements of Power (Plant, Water, Rock, Ice and Fire), including Major Ruin, the armadillo, and Ash, the fire dragon. Each warrior has up to eight powerful abilities, and players can upgrade their warriors’ abilities through strategic augmentations, ultimately providing numerous gameplay possibilities. With the game’s fast-paced action, loads of enemies and massive boss encounters, success requires clever and strategic deployment of each warrior’s powers and ability to master “quick-switch” combinations. Engage in up-close combat on the battlefield with Pummelweed, a wicked, boxing plant-warrior, or finish off enemies as Chilla, an ice yeti, by throwing penetrating ice spears.
* Next-generation gaming. Transcending the common gaming aesthetic with greater cinematic appeal, “Kameo” represents the cutting-edge graphics and gameplay expected of next-generation gaming on Xbox 360. “Kameo” boasts stunning battlefield experiences where gamers will experience thousands of simultaneous enemies with independent artificial intelligence, as well as exciting special effects, high-quality voice-over and high-definition graphics enabled only through Xbox 360.
* Vast exploration across a mystical, magical world. Lush environments, an engrossing story, marvelous creatures and clever environmental puzzles abound in this fantastical, richly envisioned universe. In this world, Kameo must master her new ability to transform into various warriors and harness their elemental powers to save her family from Thorn, the evil troll king.
* Xbox Live Enabled. In addition to playing offline split-screen co-operative mode, two players can meet up over Xbox Live and become allies in the battle against Thorn’s evil legions. Players accumulate points that are integrated into Xbox Live leaderboards for bragging rights. Downloadable content including alternative character skins, gamertiles, “Kameo” themes and more will be available after launch.

To quote the video review: “Kameo is one of the 360’s most developed and fulfilling launch titles. It stands out among all the driving and shooting games as a new form of platforming. Kameo: Elements of Power is a fantastic buy for just about any Xbox 360 owner.”

Story — 8.7
Design — 8.6
Gameplay — 9.2
Overall — 8.9