Ridge Racer 6 review video (Xbox 360)

Ridge Racer 6 for Xbox 360In Ridge Racer 6, the classic Namco franchise returns with more speed, excitement and gameplay variety than ever before. Players enter a world of high-definition, high-speed races and can choose to challenge others or take control of the wheel alone in a variety of on- and offline modes. Online compatibility lends to features such as Vs. Battles and downloadable content, further enhancing the game’s replayability.

Ridge Racer 6 offers the widest selection of cars and courses to date featuring over 130 new machines, 30 challenging courses, and a classic mini-game at the start-up screen; this brand new mode matches the player’s gaming style offering over 230 races; punch the nitrous and experience the intensity of new levels of speed; compete head-to-head in online races. Challenge the worldwide unified time attack ranking in Global Time Attack. Upload/download Ghost Data for more challenges. Players may also download new content via the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Get ready for some slippery gameplay by watching this Ridge Racer 6 video review.

To quote the video review: “Ridge Racer 6 might not be the most impressive technical achievement on the Xbox 360 this year, but the racing is fast and rewarding enough to hook you in. And once you’re addicted, you might not stop until you’ve unlocked every last race and car. Considering there are well over 200 races and over 100 cars, that’s going to take some time. So if you’re a fan of racing games in search of high-speed thrills both online and off, Ridge Racer 6 has a lot going for it.”

Overall — 8.1