Perfect Mario Christmas gift from sugardaddy

mario kart gp arcade cabinet
Or, you know, if you run an Arcade it’d draw a crowd as well. You can now buy your very own Mario Kart arcade machine via Priced at $17,497 which is just under £10,000 or €15.000. This version of Mario Kart probably won’t be released on a console or handheld, so if you’re lucky you might be able to find one in Japan or America. I hear might get one soon if they haven’t already.

All your favourite Mario Kart characters are present and correct, along with the likes of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Blinky, since the machines were developed with the help of Namco. There are six worlds featuring 24 circuits, plus “hilarious challenge stages” for those who do well in Grand Prix Mode. The game also has a “NamCam2” feature, which means you can put your own face in the game. And if you’re feeling extra flush, why not buy two and hook them up for some four player action?

OK so if you’re a Mario Kart fan with no Arcade near, you’ll probably never find it. But at least we can all face-off against eachother in Mario Kart DS. To comfort your sadness a bit more, here’s a wallpaper for Mario Kart GP. It’s actually a big picture which you can centre to make it look like a wallpaper 😉