Sony buys Dutch game studio

Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) today officially confirmed that they’ve bought Dutch developer studio Guerrilla Games. Guerrilla B.V. is known for their Playstation 2 exclusive game Killzone, which worldwide sold 2 million units. At the moment Guerrilla is hard at work on the PS3 sequel of that game. Earlier this year there was the first footage (rendered or not as some may believe) for show at E3. Besides the PS3 version, there will also come out a PSP Killzone game.

Phil Harrison from Sony let know in a response to this acquisition that there’s a lot of talent present at Guerrilla on the creative and technical areas. The cooperation between the two companies was going on for several years and Sony is glad Guerrilla is now part of SCE WWS (Worldwide Studios). Herman Hulst, director of Guerrilla, said that SCE was the ideal partner for them and he’s glad the cooperation will be even closer from now on. Yes, there’s a real-life love-story going on at Sony Europe.