Find free DS hot spots easily

Players can now log-in to the Nintendo-Wi Fi website and search by country, state, region, street address or zip code for the nearest free hot spots via JWire’s nationwide database. These services are typically exclusive to the US, but Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Panama, and Chile residents can also join in.

Animal Crossing: Wild World is released today in the US, as it did a week ago in Japan, and will come out in Europe 31th of March next year. It is the latest game to take advantage of the free online service. “By making wireless gaming more convenient, we make Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection accessible to a wide range of gaming fans.” says Nintendo of America senior VP of marketing George Harrison. It’s an impressive website for sure.

Also impressive, but in a twisted insane way, is the Nintendo of Canada latest viral promotion located on this page. I suggest checking out the basement for laugh-out-loud NES video ads 🙂