Xbox 360 sells 400,000 units in first week

Next Generation is reporting an estimate of 400,000 units sold for the Xbox 360 in it’s first week on the retail shelves in America. Microsoft is planning on having more stock available as of this weekend. From the article: “It seems even the biggest retailers are in the dark. Speaking to USA Today, Circuit City’s Jim Babb said, ‘We knew demand would outstrip supply for some time. I have been told we’ll get additional supplies, so I can only advise customers keep checking back with stores and on the website.’

Microsoft is gearing up for its European launch this weekend, but many believe the shortages could be even worse there. Retail supplies are said to be tiny, and many customers who have pre-ordered as long as 6 months ago have been told that they may not receive their machines this side of the New Year. Chris Lewis, head of Xbox for Europe commented to German Sunday newspaper Euro Am Sonntag that current speculation of 300,000 units is “…not far removed from reality.” That’s corporate talk for “much less”.