PSP Firmware Update v2.6 Now Available

For those people out there with PSP’s, another firmware update, version 2.6, is now available. It can be downloaded from Sony’s official web-site onto a memory stick and installed, or run from an updated UMD disc.

The update adds audio support for RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication v2.0) that can be streamed from the internet, which is perfect for all those podcasts popping up everywhere. It only works with streaming audio though and playback only.

The update also includes support for Windows Media Audio files. All WMA files from a memory stick can be played through the PSP’s music menu, however copyright-protected files won’t be playable.

Smaller, but still welcome additions, include: volume adjustment in the control panel of the LocationFree player, Chinese character font support for the Internet Browser, and copy-protected video content downloadable directly to the unit’s Memory Stick Duo.