Xbox 360 do’s and donts

Every hardware launch has it’s ups and downs, what did Microsoft do right and what didn’t it do.

Do make it into a party, they did, everyone’s talking in 360 degrees about the new Xbox. Just look at you, you’re reading this.

Do make it backwards compatible, they went the extra mile here. Getting licenses from Nvidia despite their broken agreement with them after the original Xbox. It’s an impressive long list, which is a nice bonus if you didn’t own the original one, but wanted to try Halo 1 or 2 before 3 and 4 come out 😉

Do remember the 0,1% faulty hardware margin is usually right. So Microsoft outlined its returns policy for defective 360 hardware, explaining that US consumers, and no doubt those worldwide, need only to call 1-800-4myXbox or go to If the problem can’t be resolved via telephone right away, Microsoft will pay to ship the console overnight to a repair centre and ship it overnight back to the consumer once it’s fixed, or ship a replacement. Nice.

Don’t sell in bundles. Now this may not be Microsofts fault, but when you have your hardware in short supply you can allocate depending on if a store will actually sell your hardware without ripping off happy-go-lucky gamers. As one employee put it

“Maybe it had something to do with the $730 price tag!!! We have so many XBOX’s we don’t know what to do with them, and we can’t get rid of them… a person would come in looking for an XBOX, and we would get them to the counter… say the price, and then it was as if no one was there they ran that fast…”

Don’t compare the size to other consoles, you’ll soon find out it’s the exact same size as the original Xbox, what did they call that again?

Don’t forget to have impressive launch games. When you have an entire generation of Goldeneye: 007 & Perfect Dark Nintendo 64 gamers looking forward to it’s prequel, don’t shut them out and show them bland images and a short MTV movie. Especially don’t send online resources preview copies more than a few days before launch, so no one knows what to expect… well you catch my drift. Since the console isn’t released in Europe yet I can’t comment on quality myself, so I’ll let do the talking, check out their Recent Top Games list. If you happen to disagree, hit the “Say it!” button under comments.