Playstation 3 to cost between 300-400 dollars

In an interview with Forbes magazine, one of Sony’s head honchos Howard Stringer unveiled according to him the Playstation 3 will cost in between 300 to 400 US Dollars. A price very near that of the Xbox 360, which is no surprise as that launched in the USA today.

Spring 2006 will see the launch of the PS3 in Japan, America follows in the autumn, and sadly as always no one knows when it’ll launch in Europe. However, reason for joy is that while the first Blu-ray players will cost $1000, they will be included in the PS3, so that’s quite the Trojan horse Sony have there. Of course this is similar to the PS2’s DVD player, but this time HD-DVD might spoil that party come 2006, but really, no one’s complaining as it’s a nice extra in addition to the games. More on those when we get closer to launch time.