Xbox 360s fly off store shelves . . . at gunpoint!

Wow, the site is finally online. Awesome to see an actual web-page up. 😀

Well, the next generation of console gaming is set to officially kick off tomorrow, the 22nd (two days before Thanksgiving) in the United States with the release of the Xbox 360 to the public. So starting tomorrow anyone can get their hands on one, if they haven’t all sold out that is.

Then again, as one crazy man found out, there are other ways to get your hands on a 360 . . . with a little armed robbery! A man in Stafford, Virginia walked into an Electronics Boutique store this morning and made off with two Xbox 360’s, forcing the store manager to hand them over at gunpoint. Fortunately, the criminal was found and caught by cops later on, and the 360s were returned safe and sound.

The store is back in operation and the Thanksgiving holiday is looking as bright as ever, unless you’re the 360 pre-launch criminal that is. I don’t believe that cells are equipped with the Xbox 360’s that the poor schmuck went so far to obtain. This just proves once again that crime never pays!