Hello World

I still need to go through the blog settings, but it looks nice with the CNN theme. I’m looking forward to updating this blog with my buddy astrotriforce. In making VideoGamesBlogger dot com, we’re looking to release only the best news we want to write about. The next-generation starts soon, but we love us some retro gaming, so it’ll be a fun mix of all the best videogames news.

We don’t want to waste your precious time, so unless we’re posting interviews, reviews, or other articles of some sort. I reckon news items will be straight to the point, lifting out the best facts you want to know about and delving into those. From experience I know I don’t have the time to wade through each game systems newspages, so what I personally want to create here is a place where you can go and know you’re not missing anything if you forgot to check one of the millions of game news sites or blogs.

Anyway, lots of work still left to do, but it’s a start…