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  • Watch Dogs Glitches

    30 May 2014
    Posted by:
    Watch Dogs Glitches

    Here are some of the first discovered Watch Dogs glitches. Some are convenient tricks and others comedic mishaps.

    Note that these can of course get patched by Ubisoft at any time. But you might encounter the here-under listed glitches for yourself in the meantime.

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    Watch Dogs Glitches

    Easy Money Glitch

    Location: In the pause menu.

    Glitch Description: How to make millions of dollars in Watch Dogs easily. In the pause menu’s Skill Points upgrade menu, go to Hacking. There you have to buy these 3 upgrades: ATM Hack Boost, Profiler Optimization, and ATM Hack Boost Plus. Now go back into the game world and people with valuable items and lots of cash in their bank accounts will be highlighted in light blue, indicating you can hack them to empty out their bank account. Do this a few times in a row and then go to the nearest ATM machine to cash out their bank accounts! This leads to you gaining around $500,000 each time, so you’ll be a millionaire in no-time!

    Here’s the full glitch video:

    Shell Game Glitch

    Location: Play any Shell Game on the city streets.

    Glitch Description: Simply pull up the map after the guy is done moving the cups and you’ll see in what cup the ball is hiding every time!

    Check out the full glitch video to see this handy trick to always win at the Shell Game:

    Air Driving CPU Glitch

    Location: Can happen during a car hijacking scene anywhere in an online game.

    Glitch Description: After hijacking a car online, you might find yourself to have a co-driver. A CPU player can get stuck on the side of his/her car even though you’re already inside it. It looks a tad crazy when you’re both driving the car, but CPU is driving in the air!

    Watch the full glitch video:

    Glitches discovered by: Noah, WatchDogsCentral & Auspride.

    Have you encountered any Watch Dogs glitches?


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    • Guardian181188

      The “Easy Money Glitch”, is not a glitch at all, you’re just telling us the obvious, it’s part of the game design, there is no exploit.

    • Guardian181188

      It’s the same with the Shell game, it’s not an actual glitch, but ok, it’s technically an exploit, but it’s the game design.

    • Brittany Hansford

      What about the glitch going around that when you die (sometimes) in an online hacking game and respawn, you do so without any of the abilities you’ve unlocked in either multi or single player. None of your guns, your upgraded hacks etc. are available.
      This happened to me in the middle of Act 2 and I had to restart my entire game. The game would also not allow me back in to online hacking, there was an error message saying I had to complete the tutorial…which I had already completed in Act 1.

    • dm

      When taking over a car with a driver inside, drive another car & place it on that side of the car where driver is sitting, blocking the doors of that side, now get inside from the other side & pufffff the driver who was inside will be gone…..

    • imsomedude

      If you get in the bed of a truck and have your friend drive it into water press b to hurdle the edge of the truck just before it goes under and youll hurdle to the bottom of the water and be able to run around on the ground beneath the water. (just like you were on land)
      #found by xbox1 gamer-Imsweets Buddy ( i have recorded clip proof)

      On a different note, escaping to the water from the cops doesn’t work as the helicopter will kill you.

    • grim

      PS4 version – Entering multi player games before tutorial missions glitched my game so profiler mode wouldn’t work at all had tried to turn off whole system and reload and it still wouldn’t work. You could see how that would be an issue. Eventually started new game which fixed it.

    • Kubinator4321

      The shell game is a glitch, not an exploit. A glitch is an error in the game that causes unintended behavior – Open the map, see inside the cups.

    • Tom

      unless you have a speed boat which will generally go faster than the helicopter

    • Rob Shaw

      PS4 – If you flip a citizen’s car over he/she will spawn out of the car. Afterwards when you flip the car back over it will become a “ghost car” driving itself like a normal car, but lacking a driver (and probably pretty wreked up too.)

    • Rob Shaw

      PS4 – On any vehicle the front windshield will not shatter. It will crack to the point it should shatter, but it just won’t. You can blow up the car and the windshield will still just be cracked.

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