Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cards Guide

31 January 2014
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Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cards Guide

Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cards Guide that lists an overview of all 142 unlockable cards in the Xbox 360 & PS3 versus fighting game. We’ll also add tips to help explain how to unlock all Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z cards and what good card combinations are.

Read on to find the complete Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cards list.

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    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cards Guide

    Introduction: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z sees the return of the “Customize Character” feature. Cards and Card Slots are the way to modify characters to make them stronger and such for battle. Complete Missions to randomly receive Card Drops, these Cards you will then later have to buy with PP points that you in turn receive from playing the game. By collecting and equipping these ability cards, characters that would normally not be suited to battle against far deadlier foes, can be boosted up to become capable. Or such “weaker” characters can be given abilities to make their natural strengths more pronounced.

    Watch this video introduction explaining how cards & the whole game works:

    Note: Some Cards might seem overpowered, but each character only gets 2 Card Slots. Each character has 2 Special Slots & 1 Item Slot. There’s a large selection of Special and Item Cards to choose from, so pick and choose what works best for your play-style.

    How to find missing Cards?: In-game the unlocked cards can be made available by saving up PP points to buy them with. For you to get all the rare cards, it is vital to your success that you buy the following 5 cards FIRST…

    Card 1: “Bulma Lucky Girl” costs 77,777 PP. — Why buy it? It increases the chance of Rare Card Drops. Happy Hunting for those Rare Cards! How to unlock it is explained below*.
    Card 2: “Android Cyborg Guard” costs 10,000 PP. — Buy 3 of these ASAP, as explained below**.
    Card 3: “Yakkon Absorb Light” costs ????? PP. — Buy 3 of these ASAP, as explained below**.
    Card 4: “Dr. Gero Energy Absorbation System A” costs 30,000 PP. — Why buy it? This will be your Melee’s best friend.
    Card 5: “Android 19 Energy Absorbing System B” costs 30,000 PP. — Why buy it? This will be your Ki Blast’s best friend.

    * In the premium collection, next to the weekly cards there is a thing called random collection. You put 500 PP in to get a random card, it could be item card, a bad card or an amazing card. Reader Mike mentions he got lucky by getting the Lucky Girl card on the 3rd attempt. — Or try doing (the higher) Missions with Z ranks to unlock the Lucky Girl card. — Lastly, watch out for the weekly cards as the Lucky Girl card may be one of them or at least that way you’ll get a very rare card.

    ** For your Supports you can choose 2 Android #18 and 1 Fat Buu, you can then equip these 3 Supports with Cyborg Guard (Card 2) & Yakkon Ki Absorb (Card 3) each. That way, when you start the Fight and immediately press either D-Pad Down (for Defend, Share Energy & Evade Attacks) or D-Pad Right (for Focus & Attack on the Closest Enemy) you’ll get almost endless energy throughout the entire match! (The D-Pad Down method comes recommended.)

    – If you choose a Melee Fighting Type, have Cyborg Guard (Card 2) on you and the Dr. Gero card (Card 4), which hurts the enemy and drains them of their energy.
    – If you choose a Ki Blast Type or Interference Type, have Cyborg Guard (Card 2) & Android 19 card (Card 5), which hurts the enemy and drains their energy,

    Tip: To read the Cards and/or find out how many Card collectibles you’ve unlocked so far; From the Main Menu go to “Card Collection” and select the Card you’re looking to find out more about.

    Does the game save each Cards you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Cards you just collected if you picked up the Card at the end of a Mission. You don’t have to do anything else to save your collectibles progress once it’s shown on-screen.

    Extra Bonus: Another reason to collect all cards is because that will unlock the “Card Complete” Silver Trophy on PS3 or PS Vita or the 30 Gamerscore Achievement on Xbox 360.

    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cards List

    * Key = Dragonball Stars will have * for 1 star up to ******* for 7 stars, if certains cards copy I’ll only add +???

    Orange Heart Cards-Boost Maxium Health. Range from 1* to 7*
    1. +10hp, 2.+15hp, 3.+20hp, 4.+25hp, 5.+30hp, 6.+35hp, 7. +40hp, 8.+45hp, 9.+50hp, 10.+100hp.

    Dark Green Sparkle Boost Energy Recovery. Range from 1* to 7*
    11. +10en, 12. +15en, 13. +20en, 14. +25en, 15. +30en, 16. +35en, 17. +40en, 18. +45en, 19. +50en, 20. +100en.

    Dark Blue Wind Boost Movement Speed. Ranges from 1* to 7*
    21. +10sd, 22. +15sd, 23. +20sd, 24. +25sd, 25. +30sd, 26. +35sd, 27. +40sd, 28. +45sd, 29. +50sd, 30. +100sd.

    Red Fist Boost Melee Attack. Ranges from 1* to 7*.
    31. +10ml, 32. +15ml, 33. +20ml, 34. +25ml, 35. +30ml, 36. +35ml, 37. +40ml, 38. +45ml, 39. +50ml, 40. +100ml.

    Light Blue Boost Ki Blast Attacks. Ranges from 1* to 7*
    41. +10kb, 42. +15kb, 43. +20kb, 44. +25kb, 45. +30kb, 46. +35kb, 47. +40kb, 48. +45kb, 49. +50kb, 50. +100kb.

    Light Green Boost Special Abilities. Ranges from 1* to 7*
    51. +10sp, 52. +15sp, 53. +20sp, 54. +25sp, 55. +30sp, 56. +35sp, 57. +40sp, 58. +45sp, 59. +50sp, 60. +100sp.

    61. Shenron Glare 7* Gain 1 Extra Card when a Mission is Cleared.
    62. Chi Chi Stash 2* Gain a LRG amount of DP when a mission is cleared.
    63. DP Hunter Lunch 4* Gain Bonus DP depending on the player EXP and Mission.
    64. Porung’a Wish 7* Gain Bonus PP depending on players EXP and Mission.
    65. Passionate Friendship 2* Partner Rank Level up Faster.
    66. Lucky Girl Bulma 7* Increase chance or obtaining Rare Card when Mission is Cleared.
    67. Natural Shooter Gotenks 5* The Amount of Ki Blast is Increased.
    68. Absorb Energy Super Buu 4* Heal’s HP depending on the Damage you Inflict.
    69. Full of Spirit Hercules 7* Increases Energy Gain.
    70. Indomitable Spirit 6* as HP is reduced, Attack Increased, Temporary Invulnerable on Down Cancel.
    71. Training with Dad 3* the Amount of EN used when using Strike Impact is Reduced.
    72. Training with Brother 3* the Amount of EN used when using Blast Spark is Reduced.
    73. Ki Save Korn 4* the Amount of EN used when using All Moves is Reduced.
    74. Ki Control Kami & Popo 5* the Amount of EN used when using All Moves is Reduced.
    75. Ki Super Control King Kai 6* the Amount of EN used when using All Moves is Reduced.
    76. Ki Perfect Control Elder Kai 7* Same as Above.
    77. Psychokinesis A 2* Reduce enemy EN with your Melee Attack.
    78. Psychokinesis B 3* Reduce enemy EN with your Ki Blast Attacks.
    79. Energy Absorb System A Gero 6* Reduce and Absorb enemy EN with Melee Attacks.
    80. Energy Absorb System B #19 6* Reduce and Absorb enemy EN with Ki Blast Attacks.
    81. Ki Blast Explosion Freiza 2* Fortify the Knockback of your Ki Blast Attack Hit.
    82. Absorb Light Yakon 6* EN Recover when Guarding enemy Ki Blast damage varies.
    83. Limitless Energy System #17 5* Energy recover speed increase when Guarding.
    84. Limitless Energy System #18 5* Energy recover speed increase during Movement.
    85. Eternal Regeneration Fat Buu 7* HP Slowly recovers over Time.
    86. Barrier Body Cell 7* Reduces All Damage taken from Enemies.
    87. Ultra Combination Crash 6* CPU partner rank up 1, Equipped Melee & Ki Blast increased.
    88. Cyborg Guard 5* Auto Guard enemy Attacks.
    89. Risk LVL 1 Tein 2* Sacrifice HP for increase in Melee & Ki Blast Attack Small.
    90. Risk LVL 2 Tein 4* Same as above Medium.
    91. Risk LVL 3 Tein 6* Same as above, Large.
    92. Wild LVL 1 Ape 1* as HP is Reduced, Melee & Ki Blast Attack is Increased Small.
    93. Wild LVL 2 Ape 4* Same as above Medium.
    94. Wild LVL 3 Ape 6* Same as above Large.
    95. Potential LVL 1 Krillin 1* as HP is Reduced, Defense is Increased Small.
    96. Potential LVL 2 Krillin 4* Same as above Medium.
    97. Potential LVL 3 Krillin 6* Same as above Large.
    98. Vigor LVL 1 Trunks 1* as HP is Reduced, EN Recovery speed is Increased Small.
    99. Vigor LVLV 2 Trunks 4* Same as above Medium.
    100. Vigor LVL 3 Trunks 6* Same as Above Large.
    101. Awakening LVL 1 Gohan 1* as HP is Reduced, Speed is Increased Small.
    102. Awakening LVL 2 Gohan 4* Same as above Medium.
    103. Awakening LVL 3 Gohan 6* Same as above Large.
    104. Survival Instinct LVL 1 Yamcha 1* as Hp is Reduced, Special is increased Small.
    105. Survival Instinct LVL 2 Yamcha 4* Same as above Medium.
    106. Survival Instinct LVL 3 Yamcha 6* Same as above Large.
    107. Berserker LVL 1 Broly 1* as HP is Reduced, your Special Move Damage Increased Small.
    108. Berserker LVL 2 Broly 4* Same as above Medium.
    109. Berserker LVL 3 Broly 6* Same as above Large.
    110. Super Regeneration LVL 1 Kid Buu 3* When knockdown to 0, recounts 1 time, Revival & HP recover Small.
    111. Super Regeneration LVL 2 Kid Buu 5* Same as above Medium.
    112. Super Regeneration LVL 3 Kid Buu 7* Same as above Large.
    113. Master Roshi’s Lesson LVL 1 1* Abilities Increase while fighting on the Ground Small.
    114. Master Roshi’s Lesson LVL 2 3* Same as above Medium.
    115. Master Roshi’s Lesson LVL 3 6* Same as above Large.
    116. Master Shen’s Lesson LVL 1 1* Abilities Increase while fighting in the Air Small.
    117. Master Shen’s Lesson LVL 2 2* Same as above Medium.
    118. Master Shen’s Lesson LVL 3 6* Same as above Large.
    119. Demon King Piccolo 7* Abilities Greatly increased while fighting on the Ground.
    120. Prince of All Saiyans 7* Abilities Greatly increased while fighting in the Air.
    121. Gravity Training LVL 11* Players EXP increase after clearing a Mission Small.
    122. Gravity Training LVL 2 3* Same as above Medium.
    123. Gravity Training LVL 3 5* Same as above Large.
    124. Z Fighter’s Promise 5* Melee & Ki Blast increase everytime an Ally is Knocked Down.
    125. Fighter’s Pride Bardok’ss 5* all Abilities are increased.
    126. Saiyan Power 4* all Abilities are Increased for every Knock Down.
    127. Power Elvolved Semi-perfect Cell 5* Melee & Ki Blast increase overtime, but resets if Downed.
    128. Warrior Race Blood 5* Melee & Ki Blast increased for every Enemy Knocked Down.
    129. Z Sword Mystic Gohan 7* Melee & Ki Blast Attack Power is Greatly increased.
    130. Ginyu Force Fighting Force Pose 3* CPU partner rank increased by 1.
    131. Demon King March Dabura 5* Your position is not shown on Enemy Radar.
    132. Metal Body Cooler 6* Defense Increased for every Down.
    133. Sparkling Body SSJ3 Goku 7* Gives Super Armor, which Reduces Impact from enemy Attacks. — Upside: Stagger resistance up. / Downside: HP down Large.
    134. Ultimate Body Mystic Gohan 7* Defense Greatly increased.
    135. Perfect Iron Body Buuhan 7* when Guarding, uses EN to Null damage and Guard Break.
    136. Dende’s Miracle [Health] 5* Health Slot increased by 1.
    137. Dende’s Miracle [Energy] 6* Energy Slot increased by 1.
    138. Dende’s Miracle [Speed] 5* Speed Slot increased by 1.
    139. Dende’s Miracle [Melee] 5* Melee Slot increased by 1.
    140. Dende’s Miracle [Ki Blast] 5* Ki Blast Slot increased by 1.
    141. Dende’s Miracle [Special] 6* Special Slot increased by 1.
    142. Dende’s Miracle [Item] 7* Item Slot increased by 1.

    If you want to know each card’s secondary effects, watch this video, which shows the complete Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z Card Collection:

    There you go! All Cards in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z! πŸ™‚

    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Card Combinations

    With a 2 Card limit per character, here’s a bullet-points list with some great Card Combo’s that Servbots & NightmareGamma came up with. Feel free to list your own favorite combinations and where they are best used. Take a look…

    Special Cards for Missions:

    β€’ In “Lady Lucky”. Equip 2 of these and save yourself some money by farming during Story or Co-op Story Mode.
    66. Lucky Girl Bulma 7* Increase chance or obtaining Rare Card when Mission is Cleared.

    β€’ In “Survival of the Fittest”. Combine these 2 cards:
    70. Indomitable Spirit 6* as HP is reduced, Attack Increased, Temporary Invulnerable on Down Cancel.
    97. Potential LVL 3 Krillin 6* as Hp is Reduced, Defense is Increase Large

    β€’ In “King of Turtling, Don’t be Mad”. Combine these 2 cards:
    83. Limitless Energy System Android #17 5* Energy recover speed increase when Guarding.
    135. Perfect Iron Body Buuhan 7* when Guarding, uses EN to Null damage and Guard Break.

    β€’ In “Babadi’s Magic Buu’s Regeneration”. Combine these 2 card If you want to survive longer:
    68. Absorb Energy Super Buu 4* Heal’s HP depending on the Damage you Inflict HP Absorb.
    85. Eternal Regeneration Fat Buu 7* HP Slowly recovers over Time. Speed Down Large

    β€’ In “Cells Perfection”. Combine these two cards and give your enemies a taste of perfection:
    86. Barrier Body Cell 7* Reduces All Damage taken from Enemies.
    127. Power Elvolved Semi-perfect Cell 5* Melee & Ki Blast increase overtime, but resets if Downed.

    β€’ In “Sneaky Sniper!!”. Combine these 2 cards to annoy players:
    84. Limitless Energy System Android #18 5* Energy recover speed increase during Movement.
    131. Demon King March Dabura 5* Your position is not shown on Enemy Radar.

    Hint: If you want to know which Broly cards & support character cards we recommend for him to beat the game, check out our “How To Unlock All Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Characters” guide. — This will help you complete all 60 Missions with S rank or higher, which in turn will help you unlock all 70 characters and many cards.

    Recommended Special Cards:

    β€’ Ultra Combination Crash: This card is a rare one, but it can be unlocked in the Premium Shop. It increase the AI of your CPU comerades about 1, and increase your Attack Power as well. A really good card, but remember, the CPU can only be brought up to 10. So if your CPU Characters all are already on Level 10, the AI increase won’t work anymore and you should put another card into it’s slot.

    β€’ Energy Absorption System A and B: This Cards can also be bought in the Premium Shop. Equipping EASA will absorb the enemys Ki and refill your own with it through Physically attacking target. EASB is the same, except that it drains Ki through Ki-based attacks, instead of Physical. Both of them might come in handy if you play a support role and running out of Ki.

    β€’ Potential Lv.3: This just increase your defense largely. plain and simple. If the enemys are depleting your health faster than any Android steals someones Ki, then this card might come in handy. it is not the best card, but the defense boost is noticeable and guarantee that you survive a little longer than usual.

    β€’ Fighters Pride: Increase all your stats by a small amount, without any drawbacks. Sure, it is not much, but I see me using this all the time, and it helped a lot. There are still better cards, but if you think none of the others suits your playstyle, this card comes in handy as filler!

    β€’ Saiyan Power: Increases all Stats after a knock down. Oh trust me, this thing is a beast! if you play with lots of weak characters, that gives you a lot of retrys, and also have good healers and people that can revive you, than this is will make any enemy scream in fear! Wouldn’t it be fun to see Vegetto being beaten by a Saibamen that came in like a wrecking Ball? I sure think it is fun.

    β€’ Dendes Miracle: Now, the “Dendes Miracle” Cards are special: There are a total of 7 different “Dendes Miracle” Cards, one for each Stat, and one for Items. It increas the amounf of Card Slots for a specific Stat by 1! So instead of 3 Slots for health, you can get 4, just for an example. There is also one Card that will give you one more item slot, effectively making you able to equip 2, instead of 1 Item Card. Like Fighters Pride, that can be a good filler but can also be used to power up an character even further! But remember: More than 5 Slots for each stat are not allowed.

    Item Cards:

    β€’ Senzu Bean 1/2: A great card, that only cost 8000 DP and is practically a instant reviving extra retry! That is especially useful if you use many strong characters so that you have just a few lifes. This card revives you with half of your Maximum HP. But remember: it only works for you who equipped it, so if you have 0 retrys, and an CPU/other player dies, it will still be game over.

    β€’ Senzu Bean: Just the same as the 1/2 version, but it will revive you with FULL Health. Costs 30000 DP for ONE bean, but it is totally worth it, especially if you think that you get a lot of DP already form just one battle.

    Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Card Stats

    Who are the strongest characters in the game’s single player and co-op modes when using card boosts?

    The favorites for best character seem to be: Super Saijan God Goku, Bills AKA Beerus, Whis, Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, Meta-Cooler, Kid Buu, Fat Buu, Super Vegito, Teen Gohan, and Gotenks.

    The Card Slots only include the 6 stats that change between characters. Fruit from the Tree of Might adds about 33% to all Stats.

    Key = Character Name (Cards Available) – Max Power Level Without Fruit from the Tree of Might (Stats With Fruit from the Tree of Might, for which the order is: Energy, Speed, Health, Melee, Ki Blast, Special)

    1. Super Saiyan God Goku (17) – 2580 (990, 999, 968, 999, 506, 660)
    2. Bills AKA Beerus (19) – 2780 (990, 836, 999, 999, 770, 999)
    3. Whis (18) – 2680 (999, 770, 999, 968, 836, 880)
    4. Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (17) – 2570 (550, 792, 999, 999, 352, 880)
    5. Super Saiyan Broly (14) – 2030 (880, 660, 660, 508, 990, 770)
    6. Meta-Cooler (16) – 2230 (880, 440, 999, 286, 999, 770)
    7. Final Form Cooler (12) – 2000 (484, 924, 770, 999, 330, 836)
    8. Cooler (16) – 2010 (792, 792, 550, 508, 999, 572)
    9. Super Saiyan Bardock (14) – 1835 (660, 506, 792, 999, 726, 297)
    10. Bardock (18) – 2015 (880, 506, 737, 671, 946, 693)
    11. Kid Buu (17) – 2580 (770, 880, 999, 999, 726, 880)
    12. Buu (Gohan) (14) – 2590 (726, 946, 770, 616, 999, 880)
    13. Super Buu (17) – 2500 (999, 704, 999, 616, 999, 814)
    14. Fat Buu (19) – 2530 (999, 836, 616, 999, 999, 770)
    15. Dabura (17) – 2330 (999, 660, 880, 506, 999, 770)
    16. Super Vegito (16) – 2510 (990, 990, 990, 572, 999,880)
    17. Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks (17) – 2580 (999, 880, 660, 286, 999, 999)
    18. Super Saiyan Gotenks (18) – 2440 (999, 990, 572, 506, 999, 990)
    19. Gotenks (19) – 2170 (770, 836, 726, 946, 704, 792)
    20. Super Saiyan Goten (15) – 1915 (946, 990, 506, 880, 451, 440)
    21. Goten (18) – 2005 (924, 999, 231, 671, 891, 638)
    22. Super Saiyan Kid Trunks (15) – 1915 (946, 550, 726, 451, 999, 440)
    23. Kid Trunks (19) – 2105 (999, 999, 231, 451, 999, 660)
    24. Majin Vegeta (19) – 2540 (999, 990, 792, 999, 726, 770)
    25. Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (18) – 2430 (880, 880, 880, 506, 999, 770)
    26. Ultimate Gohan (16) – 2480 (999, 770, 924, 999, 726, 660)
    27. Super Saiyan Adult Gohan (20) – 2620 (999, 999, 999, 792, 792, 770)
    28. Super Saiyan 3 Goku (16) – 2480 (770, 990, 770, 999, 506, 880)
    29. Super Saiyan 2 Goku (17) – 2330 (880, 880, 880, 999, 726, 550)
    30. Super Perfect Cell (15) – 2300 (990, 924, 770, 616, 990, 770)
    31. Perfect Cell (18) – 2440 (880, 880, 880, 999, 792, 770)
    32. Second Form Cell (19) – 2350 (506, 572, 999, 999, 946, 660)
    33. First Form Cell (18) – 2230 (946, 792, 836, 616, 999, 660)
    34. Cell Jr. (21) – 2490 (946, 770, 726, 999, 946, 770)
    35. Android 16 (17) – 2130 (726, 231, 999, 999, 671, 352)
    36. Android 18 (18) – 2220 (999, 990, 506, 506, 968, 594)
    37. Android 17 (18) – 2220 (999, 770, 726, 999, 682, 594)
    38. Dr. Gero (17) – 2110 (440, 748, 990, 999, 792, 660)
    39. Android 19 (18) – 2205 (660, 891, 616, 999, 792, 880)
    40. Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan (15) – 2300 (990, 836, 880, 999, 550, 572)
    41. Super Saiyan Teen Gohan (17) – 2135 (902, 924, 506, 999, 671, 682)
    42. Teen Gohan (19) – 2130 (999, 726, 726, 671, 891, 660)
    43. Super Saiyan Vegeta (17) – 2135 (999, 770, 572, 495, 999, 660)
    44. Super Trunks (16) – 2210 (880, 451, 990, 999, 451, 770)
    45. Super Saiyan Fighting (16) – 2000 (792, 440, 792, 484, 999, 572)
    46. Super Saiyan Sword Trunks (16) – 2000 (572, 660, 792, 999, 704, 572)
    47. Sword Trunks (18) – 2005 (726, 726, 748, 968, 671, 572)
    48. 100% Frieza (14) – 2010 (660, 616, 924, 990, 572, 660)
    49. Final Form Frieza (16) – 2030 (792, 572, 770, 550, 999, 572)
    50. Third Form Frieza (17) – 2100 (792, 572, 550, 550, 999, 792)
    51. Second Form Frieza (16) – 2000 (572, 792, 550, 999, 550, 572)
    52. First Form Frieza (18) – 2020 (726, 726, 726, 682, 999, 506)
    53. Ginyu (19) – 2115 (999, 726, 726, 671, 999, 506)
    54. Burter (18) – 2010 (451, 999, 671, 682, 451, 726)
    55. Jeice (18) – 2010 (946, 792, 506, 726, 726, 726)
    56. Recoome (17) – 1910 (451, 451, 999, 792, 671, 484)
    57. Guldo (17) – 1905 (999, 726, 451, 671, 451, 572)
    58. Frieza Soldier (15) – 1635 (451, 726, 726, 451, 792, 451)
    59. Super Saiyan Goku/Naruto (16) – 2035 (792, 792, 792, 999, 451, 440)
    60. Vegeta Scouter (18) – 2015 (946, 704, 726, 473, 999, 572)
    61. Nappa (16) – 1810 (451, 451, 999, 999, 451, 462)
    62. Raditz (16) – 1805 (935, 726, 550, 462, 792, 506)
    63. Saibaman (16) – 1735 (462, 506, 726, 726, 726, 671)
    64. Piccolo (19) – 2110 (946, 726, 726, 726, 999, 506)
    65. Yamcha (16) – 1780 (726, 726, 286, 693, 693, 726)
    66. Tien (18) – 1980 (946,726, 726, 726, 726, 506)
    67. Krillin (19) – 2080 (999, 726, 726, 693, 913, 506)
    68. Kid Gohan (18) – 2005 (946, 999, 231, 761, 891, 660)
    69. Goku (18) – 2015 (726, 726, 726, 999, 671, 572)

    Huge thanks to Namco Bandai Games, Servb0ts, NightmareGamma, Mike, Genbutsu, Coatseyyy, Chaospunishment, LordMoonstone & SergioM3 for the tips, list and guide videos.

    Please comment if you have any additional Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Cards tips of your own, for good card combination or anything you’d like say, and we’ll give you credit for it. – Thanks for visiting!


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    • Blachaze

      Uh, equipping item cards or special cards on your cpu partners won’t have any effect. If you look in the customize menu of your cpu partners it is stated that the item slot and the special cards slots are not applicable (n/a). So adding those cards is futile. . Unfortunately.

    • Blachaze

      At least it’s in the European version of the PS Vita game what I’ve stated here.

    • Blachaze

      You can doublecheck this; use a Dende card on a cpu partner, which gives an extra slot to HP or something like that. When you put the extra HP card into the extra HP card slot, you’ll notice that the HP won’t increase as seen in the diagram which is shown, or you’ll see no increase on the total power level or Hit Points sadly enough.
      I’ve tried this on many characters and with different ‘elements’, such as Speed, Special, Energy, Melee etc. None of it worked..

    • Tien

      Hey! Great guide, got to say. You’ve put quite a lot effort in this, and I dare to say; this is the best stuff there is in depths of the internet that I have found regarding the Battle of Z.
      As for the game- it’s a huge step forward from the cr*ppy Ultimate Tenkaichi and very average Raging Blasts. Sadly not as good as my favourite Burst Limit and the best DBZ game of all times- Budokai 3. Let’s start from the beggining though:
      1. That first YT video based on demo. You had to be pretty dissapointed learning that weaker characters do not possess more card slots than the stronger ones. It was a very logical assumption though. It gave me some hope that I’d enjoy playing Tien and Yamcha in online battles, if I could try to get the best cards. And even though Krillin got one more slot than normal Goku, all the Z warriors fall back greatly in power level and card slots department. I mean seriously- Yamcha with 17 card slots (I don’t count item slot as it’s always filled with senzu bean), with literally just one HP slot?! Okay, I get it, Yamcha has never been a top tier character, but seriously try fighting with 21000 HP (level 50 health card equipped) against… Hmm let’s say Legendary SSJ Broly with nearly 60000 health. Z fighters are the weakest ones next to Saibamen and Frieza Soldier. Damn, even Guldo is stronger (power level and more card slots than T&Y). And where on earth is Chaozu?! We have Saibamen, Frieza Soldier and Guldo, but we’re missing one Z fighter (I know he wasn’t strong, yet I’d have him over SSJ Bardock, one of many Coolers/Gotenks etc.).
      So to wrap it up- Weak characters from the beggining do not stand a single chance against an army of Super Sayians and Super Villains. When I’m typing this, my Tien is at power level of 1280, with 2x 100 stat cards and rest of 50 cards (tonight will get another 100 though, so let’s say 1330 then). With the same cards Beerus, for example would cause the game explode with one fart. Online VS mode with that cr*ppy balance? No, thank you. Play Beerus or Goku God like pretty much everyone else is not my style.
      2. To the next point, finally! πŸ˜‰ Fighting system. Everyone is like “only one combo wtf blah blah blah”. I’m actually really pleased with that fact. Try performing some advanced combos where there is so much going on! I mean as much as you can fool around with 4 vs 1 (and not always, some star bosses can kick ass royally), try do much in 1 vs 8 Battle Royale πŸ˜‰ So fighting system and the chaos which you can get used to it (and then is no more chaotic as you know what’s going on now) is highly enjoyable actually with that one melee combo. Especially with the classes and specialisations (even if some of them don’t make any sense. Again- Tien- only interference?! Pffft!). No in game battle transformations are fine by me, completely agreed on this subject.
      3. Replayability and the game genre. I’m shocked how this game sucked me in. I mean what the hell, it’s exactly like you’ve said; this is NOT a fighting game. This is some action packed, small scaled mmo with some big RPG elements, and farming same missions don’t get boring too fast. But I’d like to see some extra gameplay mode. Maybe some proper Tournament like in one of the missions, but done in a proper way. That’d be pretty awesome. And the colour customisation is pretty poor actually. Year ago I had a chance to play Zenkai Battle Royale, and even though could not read much as it was all in Kanji, the character customisation was huge. Plenty of outfits and extra stuff, I’d like that in the Battle of Z.
      I’ve read quite few reviews of Battle of Z and plenty of people wrote that this game is too chaotic and simplified. In my opinion you need to sacrifice quite a lot of time to notice the true nature of this game. Couple of hours is definitely not enough, and from the stuff that I’ve seen in the reviews, my assumption would be that some of the guys who wrote the reviews didn’t sacrifice even that couple of hours. The true colours of Battle of Z is in coop mode with the three of your friends and well made, balanced team!
      Anyways, sorry for the long post, thought I’d share with some of my stuff, and forgive me the lack of English as it’s not my first language.

    • While I can’t vouch for the PS Vita version being the same as consoles (I thought it was, but maybe it’s not?) I can however say that maybe you’re looking at stats from the Battles instead of the Story and Co-op Story modes, but they should have an effect in all cases even if it’s not visible, you should be able to tell a power increase. Still, that’s what I read and maybe it doesn’t apply to everything?

    • Great post! No problem about making the guide, but I could never take full credit for it, it combined information from almost 10 different sources (hence the credits).

      I agree with what you’re saying about the fighting style and that’s actually why in the introduction I added the “DBZ: BOZ – What is it?” video to clarify the game’s potential! But yeah, it’s so much better with a good co-op team, but I feel that way about all co-op modes in games. πŸ™‚

    • Tien

      The funniest thing is that even my girlfriend got into playing the Battle of Z so much that she doesn’t let me touch the controller πŸ˜‰ She plays as an Android 18 and heals everyone. I blame the World of Warcraft for this!
      I’ve got the game completed in nearly 100% and missing only three achivements which will be pretty much impossible to get (win a battle as a Z fighters team in battle mode etc.). There is one thing that bugs me and I’ve forgot to mention it earlier. This game lacks a proper card explanation for it’s bonuses. For exaple the “Full of Spirit” card that ment to raise the energy gain, but I fail to see its effects. There’s plenty more cards that dont specify the exact bonus gain of equipping it. Same goes for the statistics upgrades. Does the Special stat raise unique abilities? So many questions πŸ˜‰

    • Georgew1

      A point of interest for you (unless you already know) is that completing the Noble Saiyan Blood mission with an S rank almost always seems to give out very rare and high ranking cards. No idea why but every time I have played it and got an S rank I have always got rare cards.

    • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

      Does anyone know how to farm cards. I don’t have a clue how to on this game

    • Gotenks

      You have to also understand that many of those weaker players also play the support or interference role – Tien being one in the interference role.

      These roles naturally have less power level and less ability – that does NOT mean they are not useful. Online some of my only undefeated bouts have been when I’ve played Fat Buu and hung around mending my teammates.

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