Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough

22 October 2013
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Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough

Our 100% Lego Marvel Super Heroes walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this Action-Adventure on the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC, Xbox One & PS4. The game’s also available on PS Vita, 3DS & DS.

Let’s start the Lego Marvel Super Heroes walkthrough with a story introduction video!

Marvel Super Heroes are assembling for an action-packed, brick-smashing good time!

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  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes is rated PEGI 7 in Europe & ESRB E10+ in America for everyone 7 to 10 years or older. This game includes Cartoon Violence.

    If you need help anywhere, check the FAQ section, or please leave a comment below!

    Table of Contents

    Index of Lego Marvel Super Heroes Guides:

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough


    Lego Marvel Super Heroes offers an original storyline in which Nick Fury calls upon Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, Wolverine and other Lego heroes spanning the Marvel Universe to save Earth from such threats as the vengeance of Loki and the hunger of Galactus, Devourer of the Worlds. Lego and Marvel fans will enjoy classic Lego videogame adventure and humor, while playing as their favorite Marvel characters.

    In Lego Marvel Super Heroes, players will unlock close to 150 characters from across the Marvel Universe. The game will pack in a plethora of super-cool character abilities, combat-like action sequences, epic battle scenes, puzzle-solving and a unique story told with playful Lego humor. Get ready for some fun, family-friendly gameplay.


    When the villainous Doctor Doom and Loki attacked the space-faring Silver Surfer, his board’s shattered remains rained down upon an unsuspecting Earth. Now the race is on to recover the powerful Cosmic Bricks that once comprised the board as Nick Fury gathers the Earth’s mightiest heroes to recover them – all before Loki, Doctor Doom and their cabal of villains can assemble their Super Weapon and take over the world. Meanwhile, Silver Surfer’s master, the planet-eating Galactus, comes in search of his Herald and his next meal… Earth.

    Key Game Features:

    • 100 Playable Heroes and Villains — Unlock more than 100 characters from across the Marvel Universe. Smash, swing and fly with over 100 playable heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe. Leave damage in your wake with Big Lego Figures like the Hulk and Abomination.
    • Battle With All the Powers of Marvel’s Greatest Heroes — Soar through the air as Iron Man, spins webs as Spider-Man, and bring the thunder as the mighty Thor.
    • Explore Famous Marvel Locales — Explore famous landmarks in LEGO New York and take the adventure beyond Earth to iconic locations in the Marvel Universe. Discover Lego Marvel Manhattan and travel to other iconic Marvel locations such as Asgard, Asteroid M and the X-Mansion.
    • Couch Co-Op — Formula of puzzles and platforming elements, with level design tailored for cooperative play.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: How many playable Marvel characters are in the game?

    Answer: There are 164 playable characters in the game. That is, if you’re not counting the 16 downloadable content (DLC) characters announced so far. You can also save up to 12 custom characters using the game’s character creator.

    Question: How to buy characters?

    Answer: This can only be done while you’re in Free Play mode (it doesn’t work in Story mode). The “switching characters” button is the same as the “transforming characters” button (that you use to turn into Lego Big Figures like the Hulk). You can only buy a character that you have already unlocked, by holding the Triangle button on PS3 / holding the Y button on Xbox 360, to bring up the character menu. When you see that character menu, then select the black silhouette of the character you want from the grid and select “Buy” to make it available for you to play with in Free Play mode.

    Important Note #1: Unlocking characters usually involves completing campaign missions, bonus- or side missions, or finding their token hidden throughout the New York City overworld map. To find out how to get all the characters in the game, please look at our Lego Marvel Super Heroes Unlockable Characters Guide.

    Important Note #2: If you’re not done with the Story campaign yet, and are not doing Free Play mode, then the only way to bring up the character menu screen to buy characters is by finding a SHIELD computer. Look for the blue Vehicle Call-In Points that are connected to SHIELD and that can even take you to the SHIELD Helicarrier.

    Question: How to switch characters?

    Answer: This can only be done while you’re in Free Play mode (it doesn’t work in Story mode). The “switching characters” button is the same as the “transforming characters (into Lego Big Figures)” button. Hold the Triangle button on PS3 / hold the Y button on Xbox 360 to bring up the character menu. Keep in mind that on transforming characters you have to wait until they are halfway through their transform animation, and then hold the same button again for the character menu to pop up.

    Question: How do I get into Free Play?

    What you need to do to get in Free Play mode is select the level from the map (don’t go through the door or you’ll end up in Story mode). Or go to the SHIELD Helicarrier’s inside command center computer and select Free Play from there… In case you’re having difficulty finding the SHIELD Helicarrier, just go to any of the blue Vehicle Call-In Points across New York City and select the option to be taken directly to the SHIELD Helicarrier, and from the deck take the elevator down to get to the computer.

    Question: How do you save the game?

    Answer: The game will automatically save your progress once you reach the end of a level. If you want to save the game manually, you have to press the Start button get to the pause menu and from there you can exit the game, at which point the game should ask if you want to save and quit… say “Yes” to save.

    Question: Is there a game-breaking glitch I should know about?

    Answer: Yes, in “Level 6: Red Head Detention” don’t switch to Hawkeye in the level area shown next. Instead, stick with Black Widow or the Human Torch as you cross the in the video indicated platform.

    Question: Where is Deadpool’s room?

    Answer: When you’re on the SHIELD Helicarrier (again, take any blue Vehicle Call-In Point to go there), and from the deck take the elevator down into the main room. There you’ll go through the door to enter a hallway to the central Control Room area, where you can go through a door on the left side. There you’ll find Deadpool’s room, it’s the first door on the right, the one with the pink neon sign. Take a closeup look at the map once you are there (press Select). — Buying Red Bricks in his room will unlock new cheats you can then activate via the game’s pause menu, or you can just read comics in his room.

    This voice-over guide shows how to walk to Deadpool’s room. It begins 2 minutes into the video:

    Question: Your question?


    This FAQ section is reserved to answer the most asked questions from the comments.

    Level 1: Sand Central Station (Sandman Boss Fight)

    Welcome to our 100% complete Lego Marvel Super Heroes walkthrough!

    100% means that using this walkthrough and our location guides (listed above), you will see how to get all characters & vehicles unlocked, and see where to find all Minikits, Red Bricks, Gold Bricks, as well as where to rescue all Stan Lee in Peril’s. You are a Superhero after all!

    Gameplay tips will be given by Agent Coulson, who is voiced by actor Clark Gregg — he reprises his role from The Avengers movie & the new Marvel Agents of SHIELD TV show — he will be your voice-over guide showing you how to progress through to the end of the game’s levels.

    The boss for this first level is Sandman. Your voice-over guide in this level will be Brian.
    Let’s have some family-friendly fun! 😀

    True Believer requirement in Level 1 is: 70,000 studs.

    The playable characters in Level 1 are:
    Iron Man

    Characters needed to 100% Level 1 are:
    Hulk (Smash)
    Spider-Man (Senses)
    Storm/Thor (Electric)
    Wolverine (Dig)
    Iron Man Mark 42 (Silver and Gold)
    Sandman (Sand)

    Tip: Only web-slinging characters like Spider-Man can use their webs to pull red-circle handles.

    Level 2: Times Square Off (Doctor Octopus Boss Fight)

    With Lego Marvel Super Heroes now started, next we’ll be seeing Lego Nick Fury call upon Lego Iron Man, the Lego Hulk, Lego Thor, Lego Spider-Man, Lego Wolverine and other Lego heroes to save Earth from Lego Loki and Lego Galactus, Devourer of the Worlds.

    In the second level we get to play as Captain America and Mister Fantastic! They will face off against the eeeeeeeevil Doctor Octopus.

    True Believer requirement in Level 2 is: 170,000 studs.

    The playable characters in Level 2 are:
    Captain America
    Mister Fantastic

    How To Unlock/Buy Characters/Vehicles Tip: Return to the SHIELD Helicarrier using any blue Vehicle Call-in Points to access the character shop, customizer, and many other features. — You can buy the characters and vehicles you’ve unlocked — by holding the Y button on Xbox 360 or Triangle button on PS3 — to bring up the character grid and selecting them to buy them.

    Level 3: Exploratory Laboratory (Venom Boss Fight)

    The boss for this third level is Venom. Sounds like a job for the web-slinging Spider-Man!

    Troubleshooting: How to beat Venom? You can use Black Widow on the flame gun. Then she’ll drop through the floor together with Venom, at which point you can hit him. After that’s done you can hit Venom one last time with any character to defeat him.

    True Believer requirement in Level 3 is: 100,000 studs.

    The playable characters in Level 3 are:
    Black Widow

    Level 4: Rock up at the Lock up (Abomination Boss Fight)

    The fourth level is where we get to play as Iron Man, Wolverine and the Hulk to take on the next villain, Abomination.

    True Believer requirement in Level 4 is: 150,000 studs.

    The playable characters in Level 4 are:
    Iron Man

    Level 5: Rebooted, Resuited (Mandarin & Aldrich Killain Boss Fight)

    In the fifth level we find ourselves battling the Iron Man baddies Mandarin & Aldrich Killain.

    True Believer requirement in Level 5 is: 145,000 studs.

    The playable characters in Level 5 are:
    Captain America
    Tony Stark
    Iron Man

    Brick Interaction Tips:
    – You need heat-based attacks to destroy Gold LEGO objects.
    – Iron Man can destroy Silver LEGO with his rockets. Same for anyone who can fire rockets.
    – Spider-Man has his “spider senses” that allow him to locate hidden LEGO bricks required for advancing the gameplay in levels.
    – Super strength characters can destroy or manipulate LEGO objects that normal characters can’t.
    – The “big-figs” like the Hulk and Abomination can destroy or manipulate objects in ways even different than characters with normal super strength.
    – A characters with Power Cosmic (like Galactus and Mrs. Marvel) can build objects from black Cosmic LEGO pieces.

    Lego Marvel Super Heroes Walkthrough continues on Page 2 with Level 6: Red Head Detention.


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    • Nathaniel Jarrard

      I have not beat the main story, but am wanting to go to deadpools room on the helicarrier, is that possible?

    • Hi Nathaniel, I’ll help you out! The blue colored Vehicle Call-in Points anywhere can be used to return to the SHIELD Helicarrier instantly. 🙂

      Also, if you want to know how to get to Deadpool’s room: From the SHIELD Helicarrier deck, you must take the elevator down into the main room. There you’ll find a door on the left side, go through the door to enter a hallway to the central control room area where you’ll find Deadpool’s room, it’s the first door on the right.

    • Nathaniel Jarrard

      Awesome, is this also where you can create your own mini figs?

    • Haven’t tried that yet, but Deadpool’s room IS where you go to read unlocked comicbooks and to buy red bricks, have a look around when you get there. 🙂

      Custom characters may need to be made via the main menu or through those Vehicle Call-in Points again, since you can buy & select characters there too. I’ll expand the FAQ section on this walkthrough page as more gets discovered.

    • LegoGirl

      Ok so, I’ve finished the main story line. What I’m confused on is this: Is there missions for the Villains? My “True Believer” goes up to 26!

    • Anonymous

      Do I have to finish the main story to play as other characters in new york, or to buy them? Also when I walked into the character creator room it said I could create any super hero “except clones of Spiderman.” I was really looking forward to making Scarlet Spider/Ben Reily Spiderman, so does this mean I can’t or is it a hidden way of saying there’s some kind of code or something or just that they expect me to try it?

    • Bobby

      Where is the create room and the store to buy things? I can’t find it anywhere.

    • Bobby

      Do u know by chance where the store is so I can buy power ups and stuff? I can’t find it

    • LegoGirl

      I can’t find the other 11 other levels for the 11 other True Believer. There are 15 Good Guy Levels. I’m thinking there are at least 11 Villain Levels? Can someone please shed so light on this, please?

    • Kelli

      I turned off my ps3 in the middle of level 6, redhead detention, and when I started it back up it dropped me off in the city and I have no idea where to go to restart the level! Going back to the helicarrier didn’t work. Help!

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