New Super Mario Bros 2 Star Coins Locations Guide

19 August 2012
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New Super Mario Bros 2 Star Coins Locations Guide


Star Coins hidden on level 2-1

STAR COIN #1: Near the beginning of the Level Mario will find a Power Up in the very first Question Mark Block. Afterwards, use the Red ring to try to collect 8 Red Warp Pipes and get a Power Up. Next, four revolving Brick Blocks are over a piranha plant. One of the Question Mark Blocks above contains a Power Up. Wait for the last revolving set of Blocks to be pointed upwards and use it to jump onto the Platform leading to the first Star Coin.

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  • STAR COIN #2: Past the Checkpoint, go into a Golden Pipe at the bottom of the Level. Mario will be warped to a room with a floating question Block containing a Golden flower. Use the Golden fireballs to turn the Brick Blocks into Coins and open a path to the second Star Coin, which is encased in a floating stone box.

    STAR COIN #3: Keep going to the upside down Golden Pipe, which will warp Mario next to the last set of Note Blocks. Backtrack left and use the Note Blocks to jump up onto the revolving Blocks to get the last Star Coin. Continue to the right to some Brick Blocks with a Red Koopa Troopa, they contain a One Up Mushroom. Use the rotating Brick Platforms to jump onto the Flagpole.

    Star Coins hidden on level 2-2

    STAR COIN #1: On the starting Platform, the second Question Mark Block contains a Power Up. Under a Platform with a Red Koopa Troopa is a switch that will reveal Coins by jumping up and hitting it. The following Platform will have a Gold ring on it, to earn Mario some Coins. Jump across the Platforms until you see the first hammer bro, defeat him and claim the first Star Coin.

    STAR COIN #2: The Question Mark Block after the Checkpoint contains a Power Up. Continue through the Level and jump Mario through the Red ring to reveal the Red Warp Pipes. Drop down between the two Red Warp Pipe Platforms and into a Gold Coin. Mario will warp to a room with two boomerang bros. Quickly jump down to get the Star Coin while avoiding the boomerangs.

    STAR COIN #3: Defeat the Hammer Bro next to the elevator and go up and defeat a Boomerang Bro and find the Roulette Coin Block behind him. Keep riding the elevator to the top the go to the left after defeating the Sledge Bro, and the third Star Warp Pipe will be waiting at the end of the Platform. Go back right and jump the Flagpole.

    Star Coins hidden on level 2-3

    STAR COIN #1: The first Question Mark Block, above a Pokey, contains a Power Up. Ride the Platforms and avoid the Pokeys until the Platform with the Checkpoint. Use the Springboard to collect Coins from the two Coin Roulette Blocks and the Power Up Roulette Block. Just after the Checkpoint will be two elevator Platforms leading to a Gold Coin with a Buzzy Beetle. Jump on the Buzzy Beetle and pick up its shell. Then ride the lower elevator Platform down and throw the shell at the POW button. The Brick wall will break apart revealing another Golden Pipe below. Use the Warp Pipe to warp Mario to a room stacked with Golden Pipes, all containing piranha plants. Jump down between the two rows of Coins to find the Star Coin on the left side then head back right through the yellow door.

    STAR COIN #2: Continue past the area where several POW buttons are lined up within a Brick wall to find a nearby Buzzy Beetle. Take the beetle shell back on top of the POW button wall and drop the shell into the gap at the beginning of the wall to activate the first POW button and set off a chain reaction. Jump down to the newly cleared path to collect the second Star Coin then exit through the yellow trapdoor.

    STAR COIN #3: A Question Mark Block just past the yellow door contains another Power Up. Continue to an area with three rows of elevator Platforms, and use them to ride up and reach a series of Platforms made up of Bricks and POW buttons. Stay on an upward path and jump off the last Platform to reach the final Star Coin.

    Star Coins hidden on level 2-A

    How To Unlock Level 2-A: Use five Star Coins to unlock the alternate path to this Level on the overworld map.

    STAR COIN #1: Use five to Star Coins to two unlock this Level. The second Question Mark Block, on a stationary Platform contains a Power Up. On the second moving Platform, follow the Gold Coins upwards. Go past the roulette Coin Block and keep riding three more moving Platforms. Stop following the Warp Pipes and quickly jump up to another Platform above the third. Ride that Platform left until you see the first Star Coin on another moving Platform.

    STAR COIN #2: Continue on until you reach the moving Platform with a Red Koopa Troopa. Carry it’s shell to the second Star Coin underneath the stone Platform, and toss the shell at the Warp Pipe. The second Question Mark Block above the Checkpoint flag contains and Power Up.

    STAR COIN #3: On the first moving Platform after the Checkpoint, jump up to the Platform above and keep on an upward path. Find the stone Platform with the Red Koopa Troopa and two Blocks. hit the Brick Block on the right to reveal a Blue P-switch. Push the button and ride the moving Platform, following the Blue Coins. Quickly jump off the second moving Platform onto the Bricks to get the third Star Coin, before the Bricks turn back into Coins. Keep riding the moving Platforms right, following the Warp Pipes. On the last large Platform, get a running start when it reaches the end of the track and jump onto the Flagpole.

    Star Coins hidden on level 2-Fortress

    STAR COIN #1: In the beginning of the Level, the second Question Mark Block contains a Power Up. Ride up the moving brown Platforms and a Star Coin can be found on the right side of the room, on top of a moving Platform. Crouch under the stone wall and the Platform will move Mario to the first Star Coin.

    STAR COIN #2: Continue up the level, to the left and find a Brick Block between a wall and Platform that contains a Power Up. Keep going up through the Level to a rectangular Question Mark Block in front of the Checkpoint, which contains a Power Up. Mario next comes across a door, drop down the gap in front of the door and jump up on the left side to reveal a One Up Mushroom. Entering the door will bring Mario to an area full of moving brown Platforms, maneuver upwards to reach the second Star Coin in the right corner of the room.

    STAR COIN #3: Back in the main area of the level, climb up to the moving Platform next to a Dry Bones. Ride this Platform to the floating Brick Block, which contains a one up Mushroom. Just before the boss door, a final rectangular Question Mark Block contains another Power Up. When Mario reaches the boss door, use the wall of long brown Platforms to wall kick up the left side of the room then hurry to the Star Coin before the brown Platform moves again, falling down directly on the boss door. The boss for this level are four Reznors on a wheel. Jump up and knock them off their Question Mark Block Platforms.

    Star Coins hidden on level 2-Ghost House

    STAR COIN #1: At the start of the level, the second Question Mark Block contains a Power Up. Go into the door on top of the second Platform. A Boohemoth will appear and begin chasing Mario. The second moving Question Mark Block contains a Power Up. continue right on the top Platforms, jumping over a wall above a purple Block. The first Star Coin follows, and can also be reached from the staircase to the right of the second moving purple Block.

    STAR COIN #2: After the bouncy floor, slow the Boohemoth chasing Mario by jumping on the wooden Platform, while facing it. Lower the Platform completely then jump up under the second Star Coin.

    STAR COIN #3: Continue to the area with a tilting purple Platforms under a Red ring. The third Star Warp Pipe will be swinging in the air just past this area. Use the bouncy Blue Blocks to jump up and grab it. Go through the next door and down the staircase past two doors to another wood Platform. Stand on it to reveal the actual exit door. A secret exit can be found just past the second Star Coin. A hidden Block will trigger a beanstalk to a door which leads to the secret Flagpole.

    Star Coins hidden on level 2-4

    STAR COIN #1: In the beginning of the Level head towards the middle of the structure made up of Platforms. A Power Up Roulette Block is guarded by a Red Koopa Troopa. Use the shell to break open a nearby Brick Block to create an opening, which Mario can slide under. The following Question Mark Block contains a Star. You will see the first Star Coin behind a stone wall with a small gap. Get a running start and crouch to slide underneath the stone wall and get the first Star Coin.

    STAR COIN #2: On top of the structure is the Red Ring, which can give Mario a Power Up. After the Checkpoint is a Question Mark Block containing a Power Up. Follow the bottom of the next structure and go down the first Gold Warp Pipe guarded by a Pokey. Mario will warp to a room with Gold Ring and a Brick Block. Break the Block to open a secret drop down to an elevator Platform below. Drop down and ride the elevator all the way to the bottom, where you will find the second Star Coin.

    STAR COIN #3: Exit through the upside down Gold Warp Pipe and head all the way up to the top of the wall. A Pokey guards a Question Mark Block containing a Power Up at the very top. Continue to the right past the gap in the wall that’s filled with Gold Coins. There will be another gap and immediately after, drop down to find the last Star Coin. Drop down the gap and go down the Gold Warp Pipe to find the Flagpole.

    Star Coins hidden on level 2-B

    How To Unlock Level 2-B: This Level is unlocked when the World 2-Ghost House secret exit is discovered.

    STAR COIN #1: The second Question Mark Block contains a Power Up. Avoid the Bob-ombs and Pokies and don’t sink down into the quicksand. Two Pokies are on top of two Question Mark Blocks, one of which contains a Power Up. The first Star Warp Pipe will be encased in stone underneath two opposite facing cannons. To break open the stone grab one of the parachuting bomb and place it next to the stone wall Blocking the Star Coin. Repeat with another bomb, if necessary then get the Star Coin when the path is open.

    STAR COIN #2: After the Checkpoint, the second Question Mark Block contains a Power Up. Afterwards, let Mario sink in the quicksand and he will appear in an underground secret area. Let the bomb walk onto the Red top of the volcano hill and jump on it to explode the top of the hill off. This will release a shower of Gold Coins and the second Star Coin. The Question Mark Block by the Warp Pipe contains a Power Up. Then exit and head back left to three Brick Blocks over a Platform, containing a Question Mark switch, which releases two Coin Roulette Blocks.

    STAR COIN #3: To the right are two cannons shooting Bob-ombs at the third Star Coin. Stand behind one of the cannons and when the cannon fires the bomb, jump up on top of the bomb, using it to launch up to the Star Coin floating between the two cannons. Sitting over a cannon is the Red Ring, collecting all 8 Red Warp Pipes will gain Mario a Power Up. Climb the Platforms and use a Bob-omb to jump the Flagpole.

    Star Coins hidden on level 2-5

    STAR COIN #1: The first Question Mark Block, over a chain chomp, contains a Power Up. To defeat a chain chomp, ground pound the yellow spike attached to the chomp’s chain. The first Star Warp Pipe will be guarded by the third Chain Chomp, sitting in front of a Brick wall. Position Mario above the Brick wall and wait for the Chain Chomp to face towards it. timed it just right, pounding on the Chain Chomps spike will release it breaking the Brick wall and opening a path to the Star Coin.

    STAR COIN #2: Continue right, over the stone ledge and the next pair of Brick Blocks can be turned into a Gold Block. Next look for a Chain Chomp near a Red Warp Pipe. By pounding the Chain Chomp spike three times it will lower the Platform that the Chain Chomp is sitting on. Use the Red Warp Pipe to warp to a room containing the second Star Coin, just avoid to Chain Chomps on your way up. The Question Mark Block on the right contains a Power Up. Exit through the Blue Warp Pipe to the right.

    STAR COIN #3: Just after the Checkpoint, the second Question Mark Block contains a Power Up. Make your way down to the lower left-hand corner of the yellow Platforms. The last to Star Warp Pipe will be guarded by another Chain Chomp, pound on the spike then grab the Warp Pipe. Just past the Boomerang Bro is a Red Ring, collecting all 8 Red Warp Pipes will gain Mario a Power Up. Another Boomerang Bro guards the Flagpole.

    Star Coins hidden on level 2-Castle

    STAR COIN #1: This level starts with a moving Platform floating lava that only moves when Mario stands on it. The first Question Mark Block contains a Power Up. The first Star Coin appears in the beginning of the Level just above a rotating Platform. Use the Platform to jump up and grab the first Star Coin.

    STAR COIN #2: Continuing right, avoid buzzy beetles falling from moving Platforms and Whomps. Keep riding the moving Platform after the Checkpoint, until you reach the Question Mark Block containing a springboard. Place the springboard on the moving Platform and use it to jump up and grab the swinging Star Coin right after the Question Mark Block.

    STAR COIN #3: Avoid any moving Platforms or fireballs coming up from the lava. The Red ring appears over some moving Platforms, be careful not to lose the springboard. Use the springboard once again to reach the upside down Red Warp Pipe. Jump through the Warp Pipe outlines but try not to collect them. In the left of the room hit both of the Brick Blocks, revealing a Blue P-switch. the Warp Pipes will turn into Brick Platforms, which can be used to reach the last Star Coin, at the top of the room. Exit through the Warp Pipe on the right straight to the boss door. There will be a hidden Power Up to the right of the door.

    Iggy Boss Fight Tips: The boss of this level is Iggy Koopa. A Chain Chomp pulls him in a carriage and he will use his wand to shoot Green fireballs. Avoid the Chain Chomp by using the four Platforms. After stomping on Iggy, the Chomp will get angry, and it’ll exit the room from the top or bottom. Before it reappears some dust will proceed it, warning where it will pop up. After the second stomp, the Chomp will start getting quicker. After three stomps on the head, Iggy is defeated, leaving the key to World 3.

    How To Unlock World 2-Rainbow:

    To access this level, jump the Flagpole of any World 2 level exactly when the timer ends with last two digits both being twos, the number 22. Enter a Green Warp Cannon to be shot into the sky. The level begins to autoscroll automatically. Coins will fall in vertical lines from the sky. Jump off the heightened Platform to get the 100 Gold Coin which falls with more Coins from above. Activate the Red Ring and collect all eight Red Warp Pipes to earn a Gold Flower. Jumps off the end to return to the World Map.

    Continue to Page 3 for the World 3 Star Coins!


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