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14 February 2012
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Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough Coverart

Chapter 10: Rannoch – Geth Fighter Squadrons

The next three priority missions will take place on the quarian home planet Rannoch.

First we follow the story and pick the “Geth Comm Hub (Shut down geth server)” mission.

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  • About Rannoch: Although its orange sun is only about 90% the mass of Sol and half as luminous, Rannoch is arid by Earth standards because it formed closer to its star and has slightly less ocean coverage. Photosynthetic life is concentrated around rivers and oceans, with large expanses of desert in between. The importance of plant life and shade in ancient quarian culture is evident in the translation of Rannoch’s name — “walled garden.”

    Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons – Geth Fighter Squadrons are targeting quarian liveships with attacks that could cripple the quarian fleet. Land on Rannoch and disable the server controlling the geth fighter squadrons.

    Hint: Be sure to support the Geth throughout the quarian dialogues on these missions. It will earn you the Geth’s support to increase your attack strength.

    Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough for Part 2 of “Perseus Veil” is called “Geth Dreadnought – Disable the dreadnought”.

    Tip: Shoot two parts of the Reaper code’s glowing orange clusters on the same data-cluster to slow the infection from growing back, effectively cutting it off, before you can pass the path.

    Note: By finishing this mission you’ll disable a group of Geth fighter squadrons, and as a result unlock the Saboteur Achievement / Trophy.

    Crew reactions after Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons mission.

    Don’t forget to regularly check your private email terminal for side-mission tasks. – After this mission you’ll have a very robot-like email from Legion requesting you resolve the quarian blockade around Rannoch by brokering a peace between the geth and quarians. Only then can the Geth support the Alliance fleet against the Reapers.

    Rannoch – Admiral Koris

    The “Rannoch: Admiral Koris” has you track down the Quarian Escape Pod to save the admiral. The quarian ship carrying Admiral Koris crash-landed on Rannoch, leaving the Civilian Fleet without a leader. Land on Rannoch and rescue Admiral Koris.

    Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough for Part 2 of “Rannoch – Admiral Koris”.

    Crew reactions and conversations back on the Normandy after Rannoch: Admiral Koris mission.
    Also, drunk Ashley = hilarious! šŸ˜†

    Before moving on to the next Rannoch mission, let’s go back on the Citadel to return some mission items to NPCs.

    Still on the Citadel. Speaking with Miranda and Ashley.

    On the next page we continue the walkthrough with chapter “Rannoch – Destroy Reaper Base”.


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    • Sounds like a glitch Hayk. Are you sure you completed the mission successfully? Remember to keep the collective good in mind above one person.

    • Courtney_comfort

      It was a good ending but I would like it better if Shepherd lives. I was surprised how upset I was at the end, it feels like my best friend died.

    • Dennis_perry

      Shep isn’t/didn’t get took over by the reapers, they wanted him to ‘change’ the game. His buddy Miranda installed a ‘chip’ to defend against reaper indoctrination, the illusive man didn’t want shep to be part of his control gig either and Miranda decided that the IM was getting a bit ‘stranger’ during her stint with the normandy, so she knew it were the best laid plan to add control to the controller. She’s not an engineered/advanced evolutionary human..with a few ‘other genes’ tossed in, for nothingĀ ;] Poor ol Shep got some interesting abeit naughty upgrades via the reapers as well, all set in motion by Miranda when the time was designated. She didn’t fully understand why, being mildly indoctrinated herself, but her mind, luckily, was a steel trap and her good ol dad kept her on her toes with handy distractions from theĀ reaper pull, ie. maternity,(she was barren tho),Ā Also, She was Shep’s god mother once removedĀ and other ‘stuff’ :P. Anyway, the story ends with holes in the reality of all in contact with aliens machines made up of toxic by-products of a past so anchient, no one could know the actual dangers of association with that bunch. They in turn have no ‘connection’ with organics, or any other species of beings to date. They are beyond the veil, as we all know, but cannot understand. Shep had to face that in the ending to take advantage of what the reapers really wanted, after a ‘forever’ logic loop, according to our comprehension of it all. We and all other beings, no matter what stripe, were not ever in the equation, only the reapers via the child entity(a reaper symbiot?). None of the choices given Shep in the end, were choices at all, they were decisions by the reaper vs the catalyst, which drafted Sheppard to do what the ‘others’ didn’t/couldn’t have the/any conceptual grasp on. They were/are incapable of organic decision, an alien concept to them, so alien, the only physicalĀ communication they could have with Sheppard was to insist their utter supremacy…. Over theĀ terrible massiveĀ chunks of time, eventually a realization danced at theĀ “others” collective concience,probably brought on by the geth control attempts.Ā The reapers wanted to be/learn/absorb the human/organic trait of intuition, some thing,total chaos,but based on logic of events, computed,Ā they as a race could never have on their own, as logic dictates, machines can be broken, leaving organics one step ahead in the so called evolutionary chain. So in the end, the reapers chose chaos, to help them understand, as they know, but never faced their own demise. For a race that lives forever, some quick thinking was.. in order. lol

    • mbourgon

      5000 readiness without doing the extra BS? Ā I’d love to know how, as I have every planet scanned, every quest done, almost every spectre request approved, and I’m at an effective around 3500.

    • Daniel

      “You donā€™t have to play Galaxy At War multiplayer to get the best single-player endings.” This is BS, I wanna see someone set a guide on how to do so, cuz i really tried, I mean I saved everyone that I could think off and i got 7k something war assets at 50% readiness it was 3.7. In order to US ALL be able to get the perfect ending there should we 10k of war assets in the game, and well I REALLY doubt I missed 3k war assets. Sure I spared some by letting the Dr. get into the Normandy and asking Kaidan (Yes, Kaiden) go back to the ship as well, but I really doubt all that put together you can get 3k war assets from nowhere. And I DID scan the galaxies, I had 2 of them that were empty and I searched in the internet just to see if I was missing something, and no one else got something I didnt.
      Ā  Meh, I guess all i wanted was an happy ending with my romance choise and EDI stil alive.


    • You’re correct. BioWare was wrong. I’ve never seen them give out this kind of advice before. I’ve updated the endings section to explain it is needed.

    • You’re right Daniel. Sorry about the confusion, but BioWare gave the wrong info on their official forums. I’ve now corrected it to say you always have to play multiplayer to get the perfect ending.

      Personally I think BioWare didn’t know themselves what the real ending was supposed to be, so maybe in their eyes it was right. I guess we’ll have to wait for that happy ending via the upcoming “Extended Cut” that has the new and improved ending.

    • I have 5595 war assets and 100% galaxy at war…. I didn’t get any special ending after going the destroy route. BioWare is a liar. Waste of my time to do all that multiplayer for NOTHING

    • Excellent guide ! Thanks

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