Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7 Walkthrough Video Guide (Wii, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

11 November 2011
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Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Walkthrough Box Art

YEAR 7 PART 1 aka The Deathly Hallows Part 1

Year 7: The Seven Harry’s

Welcome to the 7 Harry’s, you will need to have a walk around and smash around picking up the three items you need for the potion.

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  • Once you have found all the pieces put them into the potion and drink the potion, you will then enter a cut-scene.

    You will then need to head outside and fix Hagrid motorcycle, you will not able to head out into the street as there is a magic bubble that is around the house.

    You can use Hagrid to move the heavy items, once you have fixed his bike, jump onto it and a cut-scene will occur.

    After the cut-scene, there will be a little chase scene! Heading through the tunnel you will need to collect the studs as your flying through the air, watching out for the cars and spells that are being tossed your way!

    You will need to throw a couple of spells behind you to take out the enemies on their brooms!

    Once you have made it out of the tunnel a cut-scene will occur.

    After the cut-scene, you will now need to have a walk around the room and smash and crash everything in good old Lego style.

    You are now going to need to use Ron to relight all the lights with his Deluminator, you will also get a little achievement for this.

    Hermione will only be able to activate the Pink Baseplates, one you have unlocked the door head through.

    Welcome to the wedding!

    You will first need to unlock the Weasley box, once you have set off the firework, run around and pick up all the studs.

    Have a wander around and smash the Lego items, you are going to need to use your Aguamenti to put out the fire that has started in the tent

    There will also be a couple of Dementors appearing.

    Hermione will need to head over to her pink plate and open her bag, look for the hammer and bash the pink block, move the item over the blocked way to clear it.

    Keep moving through the wedding tent taking out the Dementors and putting out the fire.

    Hermione will have to pull out a water dispenser from her bag to help with the flames.

    Ron will then need to light all the lights on the cake, once he has done that you have completed your first mission of year 7.

    Year 7: Coffee Shop Battle

    Head into the coffee shop.

    When the enemies throw items at you, you will need to catch them with your magic and throw them back at the enemies.

    There will be studs everywhere, you can go around bashing and smashing everything to pick up the studs.

    You will need to keep throwing the items back at the enemies, three for each until you have defeated them!

    Year 7: Magic is Might (Ministry of Magic)

    Running through the class room, you are going to need to break down the ropes that are holding up the poster, you will then need to trace the red bricks and put them together, wind it up and it will stop, you will need to wind it up again and the madness will start!

    You can have a wander around and look in the nooks and crannies for any good items, you will need to use the Deluminator and get the light, you will need to light up the wizard light, you will need to put the items together and play the violin!

    This will allow you to head into the new room as it will open the door for you.

    Once you are in the next room, you will need to have a wander around and pick up any studs you want to pick up, the more studs you have the more items you will be able to have in free play!

    You will need to wander around kicking and smashing the items, on the desk is a key, open the lock and head through the gate, you will need to move forward and fill the watering can up with water.

    It will then water the plant and you will need to place the purple flower in where the character is flying around!

    Keep moving through the Ministry of magic, break the lock on the lift and put the pipe together, Ron will need to send his Owl up the pipe to give you some bricks.

    Head into the lift, a cut-scene will occur.

    Once you appear out of the lift, you will be in a Lego battle against the Ministry of Magic security men, once you have cleared out the men, it is time to take out professor Umbridge.

    Once you have taken out Umbridge, you are going to need to RUN from the Dementors! Whilst your running try collect as many studs as you can.

    Year 7: In Grave Danger (Godric’s Hollow)

    The first things we are going to need to do is have a walk around and look for Harry’s parents’ gravestones.

    You will need to make your way around the cemetery and activate as many orange circles as you can.

    You will also need to make your way around the cemetery and build all the shiny objects, You can also pick yourself up some specs, once you have your specs you will be able to build the items.

    Once you have had a wander around the area, you will also need to use a couple of your Diffindo spells.

    You will be able to pick up a couple of studs here and there, Hermione will need to head over to the purple patch and look in her bag for the item.

    Once she has found the item a cut-scene will occur, after the cut-scene we will be inside!

    Once your inside, you will need to head over to the purple patch and open Hermione’s bag, once she has found her item, you will need to use Aguamenti to fill up the watering can and put out the fire.

    Put the pieces together the fire spits out for you.

    You will need to move the teeth around the room, they will break up some items and you can collect the studs!

    Once you have collected the studs, head upstairs to activate cut-scene.

    You will need to lift up the objects and throw them at the snake, when the snake has stars above his head, you will need to keep throwing the objects at him, wait until he is out cold and pick him up and throw him across the room.

    You will need to repeat this action until you have won the battle!

    This outside gameplay of Godric’s Hollow includes commentary from the creator of the game, Game Director Arthur Parsons.

    Year 7: Sword and Locket

    Welcome to the Sword and Locket, you will be starting this level having a little swim, you will need to use your action spell on the shark to bite its way through the floor allowing you to get further down, head down and swim moving the items out the way as your swim.

    You will need to place an item on the hook and swing it, this will cause a light bulb fish to appear!

    You will need to keep on swimming, you will need to build the hammer and bash the ice block to free the sword.

    Once you have freed the sword, you are going to activate a cut-scene. We are now back on dry land!

    Having a walk around you will need to pick up and studs and put any items together that are needed to be put together.

    Ron will need to open the Weasley box setting off the fire work.

    There is a Diffindo spell that you will need to cast, put the torch together and melt the ice, pick up the item and place it on the arrow indicated.

    Harry will then need to use his Apparition to head into the back around, he will need to lower the leaf and then jump on it using his action spell to lift himself up.

    Pick up the item and place it where the arrow indicates, once you have placed your item, There will be a Slitherin box for Harry to open.

    We are now in the action packed area!

    This is pretty easy to take him down, you will need to shoot all the spiders out the way, once you have the spiders out of the way, you will need to use Ron over into the orange circle and use the sword.

    You will then need to put the item together and take out the mini you know who’s out.

    You will need to put the flower together and you will need to keep blowing the fan from left to right, the flower will break and Ron will need to head back into his orange circle and take out all You know who’s hearts!

    Year 7: Lovegood’s Lunacy

    Lovegood’s Lunacy has you exploring the Lovegood’s garden and house. Then we go through the Three Brothers section of the game.

    Welcome to Lovegood Lunacy!

    You will need to have a wander around and activate those three balloons, you will need to use your Aguamenti to do so.

    Hermione will need to send the cat out and he will need to dig up her purple patch, you will be able to release the balloon when the bee flies away to the item.

    You will then need to head over to the box that Ron will need to open, Ron will need to use his sticky shoes to get up the side of the house.

    By the black bird there is another area where the cat will need to dig up, once he has dug up the item, you will need to pop him away. This item you will only be able to open it with dark magic.

    After you have let go the balloons, you will need to put the door handle together, this will activate a cut-scene and you can head inside with Mr. Lovegood.

    Once your inside, you will need to have a walk around and have a smash around picking up studs. On the left hand side wall, there is a red item that you will be able to use your Diffindo spell on, you will then need to put the item together and pull on it.

    Rob or Hermione will need to pull the other side which will put the stairs together.

    Once your upstairs, a cut-scene will happen and you will be entering the world of 2D.

    When you start this level, you will need to go to the Ghost Fiancée to get past the bridge, you will need to select brother number 2 to use the Resurrection Stone, this will allow the Ghost and his Fiancée to be back together at last.

    Once you are passed the bridge, you are going to need to change from brother to brother, when you meet up with death, you are going to need to use your cloak.

    Note : Glitch warning, The second encounter with death will require you to use WL to throw THREE pumpkins at him. On certain versions of the game, you will be unable to successfully throw the third pumpkin, at this point, we suggest restarting the level

    Once you have completed your 2D level, a cut-scene will occur and you will be back at Mr. Lovegood.

    Hermione will need to remember the memory game, put the item together that comes out of the cupboard.

    You will need to have a look and smash around to find the items for the potion, once you have found all the items, drink the potion.

    You will also need to put your specs on! Place the item together to get the tooth for the potion.

    Drink the potion and pull the handle, the cat will then need to head up the pipe and push down the items.

    Build them and pull on the levers, head up the stairs and break the lock on the cupboard.

    Put the handle on the chest to open it.

    Once you have opened the chest, it will activate a cut-scene.

    Year 7: DOBBY!

    DOBBY! I love Dobby.

    Head around the room picking up all those studs, you will then need to head over and make your way over to the orange circle and put on your specs and have a good look around and put the item together.

    You will need to make your way around bashing and smashing everything in your way as we don’t have any magic!

    The key is located on the brown shelf, you will need to put the key in and build the item.

    Time to look for the three ingredients: the lolly, spider, and some flowers.

    In the corner next to the spider web, you will need to build the item, once you have built the item, put it together and you will have your spider for the potion.

    Ron will need to send his Owl up the pipe and this will give you the flowers!

    One last item, the lolly, Ron will need to light the light over near to where you found the key to get the last lolly.

    Time for Harry to do his thing!

    Put your item together, The mirror will activate a cut-scene! Dobby will jump out the mirror!

    Time for some Duelling!

    You are all pro’s at this by now!


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    • andreapappa

      You need to be in freeplay for both. You’ll need a dark wizard for the box and if I’m remembering there’s a goggle dispensers on outside of house which will show up later

    • Monica Metzler

      Going back thru the game and am trying to get a character with a key. Where do I need to go?

    • GrannieO

      Hi Monica – The character that you need is Mrs. Cole – you need to be in freeplay and her token is in the café outside of the Leaky Cauldron – you need a black magic character to get her – the two goblins also have keys but sorry cannot remember where their tokens are – hope this helps

    • moother0418

      I am in Sirius’ bedroom and I can’t get out

    • anonym45

      Attention,! I need help, I just finished year 4, the long credit and stuff. Then I am at the leaky couldron and then I go to Dumbledores office. I Finnished the potion and destroyd the solar system and got the thing In the hat but wtf do I so now? I don’t think I am at year 5 but it’s not year 4 either. . Getting frustrated.

    • GrannieO

      Hi anonym45 – I’m assuming you mean that you have finished Year 5 as Year 4 was in the previous game. There should be a ghost to guide you to the next part, so not sure why you are in Dumbledore’s Office.

    • Daina Mehl

      Hey, i am in beginning somewhere. First question, how do u talk to someone? They have a question mark above their head. Secondly, how do i find a wrench?

    • Holly Merie Tank

      Page 7 says unavailable

    • Hi Holly, I checked and the site’s loading A-OK. Not sure why Year 7 Part 2 wouldn’t load for you, but it works now. 🙂

      Here’s the direct link:

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