Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough Video Guide (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

10 June 2011
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Chapter 11: Crash Course

You will start this mission in an aircraft.

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  • Once you have landed on the building, you will need to jump off to the right and land on the tentacle, you will need to pop the purple zits, this will allow you to pass further along the arm.

    Making your way around the tentacles, you will need to jump across the gaps in the arms. You will also need to watch out for the aliens that will start to come towards you.

    You will also find that you will have to jump down from one tentacle to the other tentacle.

    The best way is to try and keep to the outter part of the tentacles.

    When you start to get invaded by the aliens, you will need to watch out as there is not much cover for you to hide behind.

    The best way to start taking the aliens on is by standing on what looks like a part of the car park. Once you have taken down a few of the aliens, a part of the floor will fall into place allowing you to get across to the tentacle. You will then need to make your way along the tentacle and use the blue jumping pads. These will help you get to hard to reach areas.

    Once you have landed, find the ladder and head up it. You will then find a turret, you will need to use it to take out the ships flying past.

    Act quick as you do not want to die! Try and shoot the aliens before they get off the ships.

    Once you have defeated all the ships, turn around and head over the broken platforms. Make your way to the blue jumping pad, you will need to watch out as there will be a few more ships flying about. Remember to stock up on ammo and stick grenades in the crate located on the platform.

    When you have your back turned an invisible alien will get a hold of you! Press the correct button to free yourself.

    Chapter 12: The Duke Burger

    After you have landed, you will need to make your way down the hall, shooting those purple zits. Head through the door.

    Make your way to the green glowing light on the floor, this will make your tiny! Heading through the door to where the dead EDF soldier is, you will need to acitvate the switch (glowing gold).

    Head over to the purple/ blue light to make yourself large again. Once you have activated the switch, punch through the door and activate your night vision. You will need to head over and make your self tiny. Once you have made yourself smalll, make your way over to the boxes and jump up them and across the sinks and through the hole in the wall.

    You will then need to climb up the pipe in front of you.

    Put your night vision on and make your way through the walls.

    Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Chapter 12: The Duke Burger – Part 2

    This is the part of the game everyone dies at when tiny shrunk-down Duke tries to jump over electrocuted water. The best advice I can give you is to keep trying a few times, because there’s no trick to it, you just have to get lucky.
    For reference: It’s the area after you shoot the mouse-traps and kill the tiny shrunk-down Pig hiding behind the tin cans.

    Still making your way through the wall/ceiling. Eventually you will fall onto the floor. Make your way over to the enlarging light. Once you have made yourself big again will need to kick your way through the door on the left.

    Watch out there are little aliens all over the diner.

    Make your way through the devider and into the next part of the diner, as you land you will become a small Duke. You will need to take on the little aliens located around this diner as well.

    Make your way up the pig and onto the counter, headinto the back of the counter across the tray. You will find another ladder to climb on the back counter near the soda cups.

    Jump down onto the tentacle and follow it around to the left.

    Once you get to the end of the tentacles, hop down and land on the ground. You will need to watch out for the little aliens that are running around on the floor.

    There will be some large aliens that burst through the door, once you have defeated them, head though the door they came through.

    Make your way p the box stairs but watch out for mouse traps. You will also need to to watch out for the little aliens hiding on the shelves. Use the tin cans and sauses as cover.

    Once you have killed the aliens, jump down and make your way across to the other shelves where the aliens where located and punch through the vent to get to an area were you will need to help turn off the electricity.

    Once you have landed in the new room, you will need to make your way to the ice machine and walk over the ice. Jumping over the boxes and turn to the left to use the spatula as a trampoline. The first one will take you to the shleves, head over the shleves untill you get to the next spatula. Jumping on the next spatula will take you on top of the ice machine. Move anything that will be in your way.

    Jump down so you land into the sink, jump across and press the button. Your next challenge will to be to get over the oven! You will need to time your run so you don’t burn yourself. Use the burgers to jump across the grill, jumping onto the table and down to the table turned on it’s side.

    Once you have made it across the table, jump onto the body in the water and use it to get across to the container floating in the water. Use the container to get onto the shelves. You will see a toaster flashing gold. Pull the lever.

    Jump onto the waffles and use them to jump onto the upper shelves and make your way across. Looking up you will see some wire with some objects hanging from it. Shoot the objects and then grab onto the gold flashing hook. This will take you to the second burger jumping area. Make your way over the burgers and round the corner to the flashing electric box.

    Head through the door and up the boxes and through the vent.

    You will then need to use your night vision.

    The Duke Burger Part 3

    Still using your night vision, you will need to make your way through the vents and find the vent door. Punhcing or kicking the venty door to leave the vents.

    Once you have dropped down, you will be able to turn off your night vision. Find the green light to make Duke big again. Heading up the laddder and into another vent. This will take you onto the roof of the building.

    You will then need to head through the little building and start taking out the aliens that will invade the roof.

    Once you have defeated the aliens, the EDF soldiers will appear, jump into the chopper and head out.

    Chapter 13: The Mighty Foot

    You will start this mission still in your EDF chopper, you will need to shoot all the aliens and the alien ships that you can see. You will need to shoot them as quickly and as many as you can. You do not want that chopper to come crashing down.

    Once you have shot all the aliens and their ships, you will land and start your land mission.

    You will need to look around for you massive car! Jump in your car and head out. Proceed forward and follow the dirt road.

    You will need to watch out when you turn the corners as your can will tip over!

    You will be able to follow the arrows for directions.

    The Mighty Foot Part 2

    Following the dirt road again, you will need to get out of the way of the aliens! You will also need to run over the aliens. Using your boost will allow you to get through the aliens and get out of the way alot quicker.

    Remeber, watch out when you are going around the corner as you will tip over.

    You eventually come to a stop, You will then need to go on foot and take out the aliens. Whilst you are doing that, you will need to look for a gas tank to fill the car with petrol.

    Once you have filled your car, jump back in the car and head back onto the dirt road.

    If you get lost, use the wooden arrow sign to help you find your way.

    When you get onto the road, your car will be out of petrol once again. You will need to fight the aliens and look for petrol to fill up your car with.

    You will be able to find the petrol in what looks like a guard house. It is located across the gap.

    Jump back into your car and follow your road untill you have finished your mission.

    Chapter 14: Ghost Town

    You will start your mission still in your monster truck. You will need to head under the flyover and take the ramp to get back onto your dirt road. Breaking through the wooden barriers.

    Following the road, jumping over the large gaps as well.

    Remeber run over the aliens!

    if you get lost, use the wooden arrows to help you find you way.

    You will then come to a small wooden town, that has a chruch. Your car will run out of petrol here, have a look around the area for some petrol and take it back to your truck and fill it up.

    You will need to watch our for the aliens that will be running around the town.

    Make your way into the large barn, head up the ladder on the left hand side and use the gold flashing box located on the left hand side. You will need to use your the correct controls to move the platform into the correct place. You will need to place the platform in the middle. Jump across and head over to the second lever and move that one, move the platform so you will be able to make your way over to the other side of the upper platform.

    Heading to the left make your way up the ladder and across the planks. You will then be able to jump onto the platform and get your petrol tank. Head back to the car and insert your petrol.

    Jump back in your car once she is filled and drive over the ramp to complete the level.

    Chapter 15: Highway Battle

    Duke Nukem Forever 4 wheel action screenshot
    Skip to 9:25 minutes into this video walkthrough to start the second part of the Highway Battle level. Use 4 wheel steering to turn tighter with Duke’s truck, and don’t forget to accelerate with a Turbo Boost to cross ramps.

    Rule: Dropships and Gunships and Bosses are only damaged by turrets and explosives. But don’t forget to run away from explosives, especially your own.

    Hint: Drinking beer in-game makes you tougher, but it also blurs your vision. — In this level you can get a beer can in the area before crossing the wooden bridge, look through the grass that grows on the sides of the mountain hill.

    We are still in our monster truck. Once again you will need to break through the wooden fence and follow the wooden arrows to help you get to your destination.

    Remember to run over the aliens! Once you have made it over the ramp and you are back on the normal highway, you will need to watch our for the trucks throwing the red barrels.

    Use your boost when you pass the trucks, when you come to the large gap in the highway, you will need to use your boost to make it a decent way across.

    Once you have landed, head under the wooden bridge. You will need to watch out for the aliens as well as the rolling rocks.

    Eventually you will run out of petrol.

    Duke Nukem Forever Walkthrough: Chapter 15: Highway Battle – Part 2

    Tip: Pigcops near death will go Berserk and gain their health back.

    Protip: You can throw multiple Pipe Bombs into the world before detonating them.

    It’s that time of the game again! We need to head out and look for some petrol. Move forward, you will need to watch out for the aliens that will swarm towards you. Try and take out as many aliens as you can from a far.

    You will need to make your way across the wooden bridge, watching out for the aliens that are located on the other side.

    If you see a red barrel, you will be able to shoot it a create a massive explosion.

    Once you hav taken out alot of the aliens on the ground, the ship will appear. Shoot that ship!

    Once the ship is down, you will need to use the ship to get up onto the upper dirt level. Head over to top left hand corner of your screen. Here you will be able to find an old mine track. You will need to smash through the wooden barrier and follow the track.

    When you get to the fork in the track, you will need to head to he right of the track and up the track hill. Still following the track you will see a mine cart. You will need to take all of the barrels out of the cart and then start to push it from behind up the hill. Jump back in the cart and pull the lever.

    You will then be able to pick up your petrol which is glowing gold.

    Watch out for the little spider aliens.

    Make your way up the scaffolding and through the wooden barrier. You will need to follow the track that is not broken. You will find another cart. Push the cart untill the lever glows gold and jump it. The cart will bring you back to your moster truck.. Which is covered in large aliens.

    Fill your truck up and jump in. Following the the track, you will need to use the metal ramp to get up into the hole in the rocks.


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