Mortal Kombat 2011 Krypt Guide for Hidden Chests and Contents (PS3, Xbox 360)

25 April 2011
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Mortal Kombat 2011 The Krypt Treasure Chest Guide screenshot
Our Mortal Kombat 2011 Krypt Guide will show you what’s inside every Crypt Treasure Chest as well as where they are located. Doing so and unlocking all of them will give you a 100% completion.

However there are also four hidden chests within the Krypt, and we’ll show you where to find those as well. Remember that there are no Klassic Kostumes (which were given out by various retailers as pre-order bonuses) found within the Krypt or Fatalities. Hopefully the oldschool outfits will be released down the road as paid downloadable content, allowing those who didn’t pre-order the game to get the extra Classic Costumes via DLC. As far as the Klassic Fatalities go, you can perform them as long as you know how! See our All Mortal Kombat 2011 Fatalities, Babalities Guide for more info on that front.

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  • Table of Contents

    Index of Mortal Kombat 2011 Guides:


    Bloodmarsh Hidden Chest

    You’ll find it beneath the skull on the wall at “BM81” (Bloodmarsh Chest #81)

    Deadlands Hidden Chest

    You’ll find this hidden chest located left of “DL45”. As you are heading towards “DL52” keep an eye for some small bugs that are crawling on some grass to your right.

    Hollow of Infestation Hidden Chest

    Head away from the entrance wall from the Lake. As the area begins, keep an eye out for six Skull Bugs which show you the location of the Hidden Chest. They’ll be under it.

    Meadow of Despair Hidden Chest

    You’ll find this Hidden Chest at the back row. Take a left from the left-most Iron Maiden statue, you’ll notice a slight mount with bugs indicating the location of this secret chest.

    Here’s a Video guide to locating all the secret chests.

    Bloodmarsh Complete Krypt Chest Contents List

    1. Living Forest Speed Painting 2
    2. Mileena Fatality (Rip Off)
    3. Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Concept A
    4. Evil monastery speed painting 2
    5. Noob Saibot Alternate Costume Render (Unlocks Alternate Costume)
    6. Sonya Render
    7. Noob Alternate Damage concept
    8. Noob Saibot Fatality (As One)
    9. Dragon Concept
    10. Retro Ermac Render
    11. Rainbow Kombat 234 234
    12. Kung Lao Alternate Damage Concept
    13. Sektor Primary Costume Concept
    14. Raiden Fatality (Transplant)
    15. Shang Tsung Primary Damage concept
    16. Shang Tsung Throne Room Music
    17. Temple Speed Painting 2
    18. Jax Primary Damage Concept
    19. Sindel Alternate Costume (Unlocks Alternate Costume)
    20. Dead Pool Music
    21. Sub Zero Primary Costume Concept
    22. Rooftop Dusk Speed Painting 2
    23. Kitana Fatality (Splitting Headache)
    24. Street Concept
    25. Throne Speed Painting
    26. Smoke Fatality (Tremor)
    27. Nightwolf Primary Costume Concept
    28. Soul Chamber Speed Painting 1
    29. Ermac Primary Damage Concept
    30. Sans Power 044 440
    31. Liu Kang Primary Costume Concept
    32. Sonya Blade Damage Concept
    33. Shang Tsung’s Garden Speed Painting 2
    34. Liu Kang Alternate Damage Concept
    35. Sonya Fatality (Kut Throat)
    36. Soul Chamber Speed Painting 2
    37. Mileena Shadow Render
    38. Kung Lao Alternate Costume Concept (Unlocks Alternate Costume)
    39. Street Speed Painting 2
    40. Nekropolis Concept 2
    41. Silent Kombat 300 300
    42. Living Forest Music
    43. Parasite Victims render
    44. Sindel Fatality (Mouthful)
    45. Liu Kang Concept
    46. Deadlands Concept 2
    47. Specials Disabled 731 731
    48. Liu Kang Primary Damage Concept
    49. Meadow of Despair Concept 1
    50. Jade Alternate Costume Concept (Unlocks Alternate Costume)
    51. Temple Speed Painting 1
    52. Jade Primary Damage Concept
    53. Evil Monastery Speed Painting 1
    54. Super Recovery 123 123
    55. Nightwolf Alternate Damage Concept
    56. Wasteland Speed Painting 2
    57. Stryker Fatality (Have A Blast)
    58. Baraka Primary Costume Concept
    59. Nekropolis Concept
    60. Throwing Encouraged 010 010
    61. Temple Concept
    62. Shang Tsung’s Garden (Night) Music
    63. Cyber Sub-Zero Fatality (Brain Freeze)
    64. Tournament Mode 111 111
    65. Subway Speed Painting 1
    66. Reptile Fatality Sketch
    67. Goro Damage Concept
    68. Ermac Alternate Costume Concept (Unlocks Alternate Costume)
    69. Wasteland Concept
    70. Meadow of Despair Concept 3
    71. Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Speed Painting 1
    72. Scorpion Fatality (Nether Gates)
    73. Hallow of Infestation Concept 1
    74. Scorpion Fatality Sketch
    75. Cyrax Render
    76. Reptile Primary Damage Concept
    77. Zombie Kombat 666 666
    78. Subway Concept
    79. Rooftop (Day) Speed Painting 1
    80. Koliseum Music
    81. Reptile Primary Costume Concept
    82. Smoke Alternate Costume Concept (Unlocks Alternate Costume)
    83. Mileena Alternate Damage Concept

    Deadlands Complete Krypt Chest Contents List

    1. Free Grave (you get at the beginning of the Kyrpt)
    2. Temple Music
    3. Johnny Cage Fatality Sketch
    4. Dead Pool Concept
    5. Jade Fatality (Half Mast)
    6. Stryker Primary Costume Concept
    7. Reptile Alternate Costume Concept (Alternate Costume Unlock)
    8. Pit (Night) Concept
    9. Wasteland Music
    10. Blocking Disabled 020 020
    11. Cyber Sub-Zero Concept
    12. Jumping Disabled 831 831
    13. Evil Monastery Concept
    14. Kitana Primary Costume Concept
    15. Johnny Cage Alternate Costume Concept (Alternate Costume Unlock)
    16. Rooftop (Dawn) Concept
    17. No Blood 900 900
    18. Hell Speed Painting 2
    19. Sonya Fatality Sketch
    20. Scorpion Shadow Render
    21. Ermac Fatality (Pest Control)
    22. Tormentor Model
    23. Sektor Fatality Sketch
    24. Noob Primary Costume Concept
    25. Dark Kombat 022 022
    26. Armory Music
    27. Sonya Primary Costume Concept
    28. Sheeva Alternate Costume Concept
    29. TaiGore Model
    30. Kano Fatality Sketch
    31. Raiden Render
    32. Hyper Fighting 091 091
    33. Armory Concept
    34. Baraka Alternate Damage Concept
    35. Scorpion Fatality Sketch
    36. Mileena Reveal Render
    37. Kabal 2nd Fatality (It Takes Guts)
    38. Courtyard (Night) Concept
    39. Jax Primary Costume Concept
    40. Baraka Alternate Costume Concept
    41. Sindel Render
    42. Flesh Pits Concept
    43. Health Recovery 012 012
    44. Scorpion Reveal Render
    45. Dead Pool Victim Concepts
    46. Ermac Primary Costume Concept
    47. Sektor Alternate Costume Concept
    48. Courtyard (Night) Music
    49. Courtyard Speed Painting 2
    50. Kombos Disabled 931 931
    51. Scorpion Primary Costume Concept
    52. Kano Primary Costume Concept
    53. Hell Fatality Sketch
    54. Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Concept
    55. DeadPool Speed Painting 1
    56. Stryker Alternate Costume Concept (Unlocks Alternate Costume)
    57. Desert Speed Painting 2
    58. Rooftop (Dusk) Music
    59. Armory Speed Painting 2
    60. Graveyard Speed Painting 1
    61. Desert Music
    62. Sindel Primary Costume Concept
    63. Quan Chi Alternate Costume Concept (Unlocks Alternate Costume)
    64. Kabal Fatality Sketch
    65. Shao Khan Render
    66. DeadPool Speed Painting 2
    67. Pit (Day) Concept
    68. Koliseum Speed Painting 2
    69. Kitana Alternate Costume Concept
    70. Kabal Primary Costume Concept
    71. Graveyard Music
    72. Desert Speed Painting 1
    73. Disable Foreground Objects 001 001
    74. Sub-Zero Render
    75. Flesh Pits Speed Painting 1
    76. Kabal Fatality Sketch
    77. Goro’s Lair Speed Painting 1
    78. Jade Render
    79. Johnny Cage Fatality (And The Winner Is)
    80. Retro Sub-Zero Render
    81. Flesh Pits Speed Painting 2
    82. Sonya Alternate Damage Concept
    83. Power Bars Disabled 404 404
    84. Shao Kahn Concept
    85. Soul Chamber Music
    86. Sheeva Primary Damage Concept
    87. Mileena Primary Costume Concept
    88. Kabal Alternate Costume Concept
    89. Noob Primary Damage Concept
    90. Courtyard (Day) Concept
    91. Smoke Primary Costume Concept
    92. Jax Fatality (Three Points!)
    93. Ermac Alternate Damage Concept
    94. Shao Khan’s Throne Room Music
    95. Bell Tower Speed Painting 1
    96. Psycho Kombat 707 707
    97. Bell Tower Speed Painting 2
    98. Hell Music
    99. Raiden Alternate Damage Concept
    100. Raiden Primary Costume Concept
    101. Shang Tsung Alternate Costume Concept
    102. Rooftop (Dusk) Concept
    103. Kano Alternate Damage Concept
    104. Cerberus Model
    105. Unlimited Super Meter 466 466
    106. Sub-Zero Reveal Render
    107. Goro’s Lair Concept
    108. Shang Tsung’s Garden (Night) Concept
    109. Sindel Alternate Damage Concept
    110. Nightwolf Alternate Costume Concept (Unlocks Alternate Costume)
    111. Courtyard Speed Painting 1
    112. Graveyard Speed Painting 2
    113. Dream Kombat 222 555
    114. Evil Monastery Music
    115. Mileena Primary Damage Concept
    116. Explosive Kombat 227 227
    117. Sheeva Alternate Damage Concept
    118. Retro Scorpion Render
    119. Scorpion Alternate Costume Unlock
    120. Cyrax Fatality (Nothing But Net)
    121. Living Forest Speed Painting 1

    Hollow of Infestation Complete Krypt Chest Contents List

    1. Koliseum Concept
    2. Kung Lao Primary Costume Concept
    3. Koliseum Speed Painting 1
    4. Baraka Fatality (Take A Spin)
    5. Living Forest Concept
    6. Street Music
    7. Shao Kahn Damage Concept
    8. Liu Kang Alternate Costume
    9. Cyrax Alternate Damage Concept
    10. Rooftop (Day) Concept
    11. Graveyard Concept
    12. Shang Tsung Fatality (Identity Theft)
    13. Shang Tsung Alternate Damage Concept
    14. Armory Speed Painting 1
    15. Enhance Moves Disabled 051 150
    16. Soul Chamber Concept
    17. Jade Primary Costume Concept
    18. Kano Fatality (Eat Your Heart Out)
    19. Goro’s Lair Speed Painting 2
    20. Sheeva Primary Costume Concept
    21. Subway Speed Painting 2
    22. Sonya Alternate costume
    23. Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Speed Painting 2
    24. X-rays Disabled 242 242
    25. Executioner Concepts
    26. Bell Tower Music
    27. Shang Tsung’s Garden (Day) Concept
    28. Liu Kang Fatality (Beast Within)
    29. Bell Tower Concept
    30. Quan Chi Fatality Sketch
    31. Reptile Alternate Damage Concept
    32. Sektor Primary Damage Concept
    33. Mileena Alternate Costume
    34. Shang Tsung Primary Costume Concept
    35. Courtyard (Day) Music
    36. Johnny Cage Primary Damage Concept
    37. Quick Uppercut Recovery 303 303
    38. Goro’s Lair Music
    39. Quan Chi Fatality (On Your Knees)
    40. Sindel Primary Damage Concept

    Meadow of Despair Complete Krypt Chest Contents List

    1. Rooftop (Dusk) Speed Painting 1
    2. Nightwolf Fatality (Ascension)
    3. Living Forest Trees Concept
    4. Flesh Pits Music
    5. Nekropolis Concept 6
    6. Cyrax Alternate Costume
    7. Cyrax Primary Costume Concept
    8. Nekropolis Concept 3
    9. Armless Kombat 911 911
    10. Rooftop (Dawn) Speed Painting 1
    11. Sektor Fatality (The Scarcrow)
    12. Jax Alternate Damage Concept
    13. Meadow of Despair Concept 2
    14. Raiden Alternate Costume
    15. Street Speed Painting 1
    16. Rooftop (Dawn) Speed Painting 2
    17. Breakers Disabled 090 090
    18. Pit Bottom Concept
    19. Hallow of Infestation Concept 2
    20. Johnny Cage Primary Costume Concept
    21. Sheeva Fatality (Lend A Hand)
    22. Desert Concept
    23. Kitana Alternate Damage Concept
    24. Jade Alternate Damage Concept
    25. Kano Alternate Costume
    26. Rooftop (Day) Speed Painting 2
    27. Retro Reptile Render
    28. Throwing Disabled 100 100
    29. Shang Tsung’s Throne Room Concept B
    30. Shang Tsung’s Garden Speed Painting 1
    31. Kung Lao Fatality (Razor’s Edge)
    32. Kitana Primary Damage Concept
    33. Subway Music
    34. Kano Primary Damage Concept
    35. Baraka Primary Damage Concept
    36. Jax Alternate Costume
    37. Goro Render
    38. Early Krypt Entrance Concept 3
    39. Invisible Kombat 770 770
    40. Jax Render
    41. Blood Marsh Concept 2
    42. Reptile Fatality (Weight Loss)
    43. Hell Concept
    44. Shao Kahn’s Throne Room Speed Painting 2
    45. Vampire Kombat 424 424
    46. Scorpion Primary Damage Concept
    47. Double Dash 391 193
    48. Kitana Render
    49. Skeletal Statues Render
    50. Sub-Zero Shadow Render
    51. Sub-Zero Fatality (Spinal Smash)
    52. Pit (Night) Music
    53. Ermac Render
    54. Sub-Zero Alternate Costume
    55. Scorpion Render

    Secret Koins in the Krypt

    Here’s a video guide showing how to get 20,000 free Koins in the Krypt.

    Did we miss anything? If so let us know via a comment and we’ll update the guide and give you credit!


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