Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 SP titles, ninja info cards and score unlocking guide (Xbox 360, PS3)

19 October 2010
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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 screenshot (Xbox 360, PS3)
Our Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 guide will help you with the Storm Point Titles that you can unlocking, secret characters, Ninja Cards and other features of this newest entry in the Naruto Shippuden videogame series.

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Index of Naruto Ninja Storm 2 Guides

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  • Storm Point Title Unlocks

    Storm Points are accrued throughout your playthrough in Ninja Storm 2, and reaching a certain amount will unlock the following Titles listed. Support Types add additional support stats to your character in the categories of Attack, Defense, Balance, etc. Support Types you can’t unlock in this list are unlocked by playing Friendship Events in the Ultimate Adventure mode.

    Storm Point Titles and Points Need to Unlock Them List

    10 000 SP Title: Ninja
    50 000 SP Title: Rouge Ninja
    60 000 SP Title: Joyful
    70 000 SP Title: Outrageous
    80 000 SP Title: Sad
    90 000 SP Title: Crying
    100 000 SP Character: Deidara
    110 000 SP Title: Smiling
    120 000 SP Character: Kisame Hoshigaki
    130 000 SP Title: Bargaining
    140 000 SP Character: Chiyo
    150 000 SP Title: Supporter
    160 000 SP Character: Sasori
    170 000 SP Title: Passive
    180 000 SP Character: Yamato
    190 000 SP Title: Buddy
    200 000 SP Character: Sai
    210 000 SP Title: Popular
    220 000 SP Character: Kabuto Yakushi
    230 000 SP Title: Apprentice
    240 000 SP Character: Orochimaru
    250 000 SP Title: Pupil
    260 000 SP Character: Hidan
    270 000 SP Title: Master
    280 000 SP Character: Kakuzu
    290 000 SP Title: Friend
    300 000 SP Character: Naruto (WS: Rasen Shuriken)
    310 000 SP Title: Bonds
    320 000 SP Character: Suigetsu Hozuki
    330 000 SP Title: Bounty Hunter
    340 000 SP Character: Karin
    350 000 SP Title: Bounty
    360 000 SP Character: Jugo
    370 000 SP Title: Large Bounty
    380 000 SP Character: Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin)
    390 000 SP Title: The No. 1 knucklehead
    400 000 SP Character: Itachi Uchiha
    410 000 SP Title: The idiot
    420 000 SP Character: Tobi
    430 000 SP Title: The monster-strong
    440 000 SP Character: Jiraiya
    450 000 SP Title: The savage beast
    460 000 SP Character: Tsunade
    470 000 SP Title: Gutsy
    480 000 SP Character: Konan
    490 000 SP Title: Utterly Gutsy
    500 000 SP Character: Pain
    510 000 SP Title: Bushy Brows
    520 000 SP Character: Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode)
    530 000 SP Title: Uber Brows
    540 000 SP Character: Killer Bee
    550 000 SP Title: The Genius
    560 000 SP Character: Sasuke Uchiha (“Taka”)
    570 000 SP Title: The Chubby
    580 000 SP Character: Minato Namikaze
    590 000 SP Title: The Flower shop´s
    600 000 SP Character: Lars Alexandersson (from Tekken)
    605 000 SP Title: The Side Branch´s
    610 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.003
    615 000 SP Title: The Main Branch´s
    620 000 SP Support Type: Naruto Uzumaki (Nine-tailed Rasengan)
    620 000 SP Support Type: Naruto Uzumaki (WS: Rasen Shuriken)
    625 000 SP Title: Desert
    630 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.026
    635 000 SP Title: The Puppet Master
    640 000 SP Support Type: Sasuke (Chidori True Spear)
    640 000 SP Support Type: Sasuke Uchiha (Kirin)
    645 000 SP Title: Uneasy
    650 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.028
    655 000 SP Title: Sharingan
    660 000 SP Support Type: Asuma Sarutobi
    665 000 SP Title: Scared
    670 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.056
    675 000 SP Title: Adolescent
    680 000 SP Support Type: Chiyo
    685 000 SP Title: Space Cadet
    690 000 SP Support Type: Jiraiya
    695 000 SP Title: Frog
    700 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.057
    705 000 SP Title: Glasses-wearing
    710 000 SP Support Type: Orochimaru
    715 000 SP Title: Prodigy
    720 000 SP Support Type: Kabuto Yakushi
    725 000 SP Title: Bipolar
    730 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.073
    735 000 SP Title: Unscathed
    740 000 SP Support Type: Suigetsu Hozuki
    745 000 SP Title: Mangekyo Sharingan
    750 000 SP Support Type: Karin
    755 000 SP Title: Odd beast
    760 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.077
    765 000 SP Title: Artistic
    770 000 SP Support Type: Jugo
    775 000 SP Title: Modeler
    780 000 SP Support Type: Itachi Uchiha
    785 000 SP Title: Immortal
    790 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.098
    795 000 SP Title: The Masked
    800 000 SP Support Type: Kisame Hoshigaki
    805 000 SP Title: The good kid
    810 000 SP Support Type: Deidara
    815 000 SP Title: The angel
    820 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.105
    825 000 SP Title: Rinnegan
    830 000 SP Support Type: Sasori
    835 000 SP Title: The rapper
    840 000 SP Support Type: Hidan
    845 000 SP Title: The Yellow Flash
    850 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.107
    855 000 SP Title: Akatsuki´s
    860 000 SP Support Type: Kakuzu
    865 000 SP Title: Hebi´s
    870 000 SP Support Type: Tobi
    875 000 SP Title: The Land of Fire´s
    880 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.124
    885 000 SP Title: The Land of Wind´s
    890 000 SP Support Type: Konan
    895 000 SP Title: The Land of Earth´s
    900 000 SP Support Type: Pain
    905 000 SP Title: The Land of Lightning´s
    910 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.135
    915 000 SP Title: The Land of Water´s
    920 000 SP Support Type: Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode)
    925 000 SP Title: The Leaf Village´s
    930 000 SP Support Type: Sasuke Uchiha (“Taka”)
    935 000 SP Title: The Sand Village´s
    940 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.159
    945 000 SP Title: The Mist Village´s
    950 000 SP Support Type: Killer Bee
    955 000 SP Title: The Rock Village´s
    960 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.177
    965 000 SP Title: The Cloud Village´s
    970 000 SP Support Type: Minato Namikaze
    975 000 SP Title: The Sound Village´s
    980 000 SP: Ninja Info Card No.178
    985 000 SP Title: The Waterfall Village´s
    990 000 SP Support Type: Lars Alexandersson (From Tekken)
    995 000 SP Title: The Hot Water Village´s
    999 999 SP: Ninja Info Card No.199

    Pro Tip 1
    Play as each character 30 times to earn a Title.

    Pro Tip 2
    Earn the Title “Underdog” by losing a battle 10 times.

    Pro Tip 3
    Get the Third Hokage title by viewing 100% of the story views. Also earn titles for collecting all Battle Items, Collectables, Quests, Events and finding a lottery ticket, picking up 30 empty cans and picking up 30 Mushrooms in the Story Mode.

    How to unlock secret characters

    You’ll notice there are question marks on the character select screen. You can unlock these characters by gaining Storm Points as mentioned in the list above; you get Storm Points by fighting in lots of battles. You can also gain these characters simply by playing through the story.

    1. Pain: Unlock through story mode.
    2. Lars: Earn 600,000 SP.
    3. Killer Bee: Earn 540,000 SP and Finish 37 Dolls Quest. Next complete “Fragments”.
    4. Hokage Naruto: Finish the game, then go to Mount Myoboku. There go up the Stairs to the house and pray at the shrine. This will unlock Hokage Naruto only if you have the “All Ninja Assemble” Achievement/Trophy, meaning you’ll have to unlock all the other characters in the game first.

    The 44 playable Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 ninjas get revealed in this “Behind the Game” stories feature from the developers:

    * Note: Look at 2:49 minutes into this video for a full characters overview.

    Thanks to Kimchen at gamefaqs for the Storm Points Title list.


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