Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands walkthrough video guide (Xbox 360, PS3, PC)

18 May 2010
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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands walkthrough screenshot
In this Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands walkthrough, you’ll see the beginning to ending moments of cutscenes and gameplay for this sequel to Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Released just in time for the film!

Visiting his brother’s kingdom following his adventure in Azad, the Prince finds the royal palace under siege from a mighty army bent on its destruction. When the decision is made to use the ancient power of the Sand in a desperate gamble to save the kingdom from total annihilation, the Prince will embark on an epic adventure in which he will learn to bear the mantle of true leadership, and discover that great power often comes with a great cost.

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  • This walkthrough will help you in navigating the environments, solving puzzles, earning certain Achievements, defeating enemies and bosses and will take you through the storyline of the game from the beginning.

    Table of Contents

    Index of Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Guides:

  • This Page: Walkthrough
  • New Page: Sarcophagus Locations Guide
  • New Page: Cheats & Tips Guide
  • New Page: Achievements & Trophies Guide
  • For Fun: Wallpapers
  • Go to the table of contents at the top to find the name of the level you want help with to quickly go there.

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Intro

    In the introduction the Prince arrives in his brother’s Kingdom besieged by a powerful enemy.

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands walkthrough part 1 – The Ramparts

    As you gain control of the Prince for the first time, make sure you take a few minutes to get your bearings with the controller. Once you feel comfortable with the controls, move down the stairs and make your way to the fortress gate. As you run forward a massive explosion will occur destroying the walkway just ahead of you, there is no need to slow down, keep running and jump over the gap in the hallway. You will need to make another jump outside the fortress gate at the ledge.

    There will be two enemy soldiers waiting for you behind the gate, press the attack button to draw your sward and swing at the enemies.

    Instead of waiting for the enemies to retaliate, attack them! Hammer the attack button until both enemies are defeated.

    Now, turn to the back right hand corner of the room, you will need to perform a wall run. To do this you need to run directly at the wall, keep the button pressed down until the Prince grabs the ledge. You will need to perform this jump again up a smaller wall to continue the journey along the fortress ramps.

    There will be another explosion in the walkway ahead, as you move along you will see that the gap in the floor is to wide to jump across . Don’t jump across, perform a horizontal wall run along the right hand side of the wall.

    A group of five enemies will appear on the other side of the walkway. Attack them by following the buttons on the screen. When the enemies are on the floor lying on their backs, stand over them and perform a quick kill by pressing the attack button.

    Once you have defeated the soldiers, carry along the walkway, watch your step , an incoming projectile takes out the pathway ahead. You will then need to perform another horizontal wall jump.

    Eventually the walkway will end at a steep wall just ahead of you, you will need to perform a vertical wall jump , move along the ledge until you can’t move along any further. You will not need to worry about falling down to the ground, as the prince will automatically grab on the lower wall.

    Ignore the incoming arrows, they will slam into the wall around you but none of them will actually hit you. When the ledge comes to an end, look up for another ledge to grab onto. Perform a vertical wall jump to reach the wall above and move across to the left.

    This ledge won’t last long, there is another ledge on the wall to the left. You will need to perform a horizontal wall run to grab hold of it.

    As the prince reaches a new walkway, a siege tower will let ten enemy soldiers lose! As you can tell this will be the biggest battle you will have faced so far into the game, so don’t rush into battle. Use this as an opportunity to learn how to dodge. It will come in handy further along into the game. It will help you to not get hit by the enemy when you enter into battles.

    Once you have sort of mastered your dodge move, take it into battle for the first time, first start by kicking a few of the soldiers down, then begin slashing the rest of the enemies.
    Following the fight, you will need to perform a horizontal wall run to the right, along the damaged walkway. If you have encountered and injury during the battle have a look at your health meter located in the top left hand corner. You can smash vases and barrels block your gateway ahead, they will release red spheres that will replenish your health meter.

    Once you have arrived in the next room dash towards the ledge opposite the gateway. You will need to perform a vertical wall run to grab the ledge above, move to the right and perform another vertical wall run. The ledge will be right behind you.

    There will be another explosion. Causing damage to the walkway ahead. This will cause the Prince to lose his balance. You will need to perform a horizontal wall run to transverse the large hole. Make sure you start your wall jump at the very edge(to the right) otherwise you may fall into the hole before you reach the other side. Remember to smash the vases and barrels to get red orbs.

    Once you have passed through the gate you will need to perform another horizontal wall run. There will be more flying arrows soaring past. You don’t need to worry about getting hit.
    Once you have made it on the ledge move across to the left and perform another horizontal wall run to reach the next ledge.

    At the left side of the ledge you will see a large red banner, move to the left and perform a horizontal wall run, when the prince reaches the banner he will automatically reveal his sward and use it to slide down the banner.

    Once you have landed on the ground have a look around for another ledge to the left, use your horizontal wall runs to get along the next series of ledges until you reach another banner. Make sure you are directly above the banner, otherwise you will fall to your death!

    The next task or manoeuvre is a tiny bit tricky. You need to reach the balcony on the far side of the room, to get there you will need to perform a horizontal wall run on the wall to the right hand side, as the Prince slows down and turns to the left, press the jump button. Timing here is everything, if you press jump to early or late you will fall. As soon as the Prince turns his head towards the balcony that is your queue to jump.

    In the middle of the room is a circular floor switch, step onto it and it will open the large metal door, as the door opens five enemies will appear.

    In this battle follow the on screen instructions, start by jumping onto an enemies’ shoulders, press the attack button once you on top of the enemy to perform an aerial slash. This is a fast and effective way to kill enemies.

    Once the fight it over, remember to smash the vases to gain some health. You will need to step on the switch once again to activate the door. Continue forward.

    There are a number of ledges above, you will need to perform a series of wall runs and jumps to move from one ledge to the other before making your way to the walkway on the far side of the hall. If you do fall, don’t worry you won’t die. You will just have to start over.

    In the next section things will start to get a bit harder. Run along the wall to the left stepping on the switch along the way. As soon as the switch is activated jump across to the walkway. The switch you have stepped on will open a door at the end of the corridor. Once you have made it to the walkway, run to the doorway before it closes.
    If you fall whilst you are jumping you will have to start the sequence again starting from the first platform.

    When you get to the next chamber you will find it comes to a dead end. Look up, you will see a series of ledges which will take you to an exit.
    Perform a vertical run to reach the first ledge to the left. Making your way to the balcony.

    Once you have reached the balcony, he spots Malik and three of his men. You will need to follow Malik to get his attention.

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands walkthrough part 2 – The Fortress

    From the balcony, cross the wooden beam to get to the next platform. Use your sward to slide down the red banner. Two enemies will approach you through the open gateway. Let them come towards you, when they are close enough, knock them down with a kick, whilst he is down, stand over him, press the attack button to knock him out with a punch (do this with the other soldier).

    A large wooden gate is blocking your path. In the next room, climb up the two ledges on the wall and perform a horizontal wall run to reach the beam. Pull yourself up onto the beam and walk along , use your vertical wall run to reach the top of the wooden gate.

    From the top of the wooden gate, move across the series of wooden beams. Once you have made it over the beams slide down another red banner to the floor.

    After you have slide down the banner, be prepared to take on some enemies, this time you will need to hold down your attack button to perform a power attack. It may take a couple of seconds to charge up, so make sure you have enough distance between you and the enemies. It will take one hit to take down the enemies. The down side to this attack is you are not able to move whilst it is charging. If you are hit by the enemies you will also lose your power attack, you will therefore have to charge it up again. Once the fight it over, remember to smash any vases located around the area.

    In the chamber, look for a series of exposed bricks sticking out of the wall, use a vertical run to grab hold of the lower bricks. Once you have grabbed onto the bricks climb up the trail of bricks.

    Once the bricks have come to an end, have a look to the left and look for a circular switch. Make your way to the switch (on the left) you must step on the switch just like the previous times.

    The switch will once again raise a wooden gate, as you reach the switch drop down to the platform and perform a wall run across the wooden gate to reach the platform at the end of the room.

    As you enter the next area, Malik and his men can be seen retreating deeper into the fortress.
    You are too far away to get Malik’s attention. You will need to cross the nearby beam and wall run to get to the nearby tower to reach a ledge. Move along the ledge to the right and perform a vertical wall run to access a series of exposed bricks on an archway. Grab the next set of bricks , climb down the bricks on the far side of the archway.

    Drop down from the bricks to the top of a wooden gate, jump towards the next set of exposed bricks on the far wall.
    Once you have made to onto the ground, roll through the small hole in the wall to reach the next chapter.

    Five enemy soldiers will approach as soon as you have made it through the hole in the wall. Take some steps away from them and charge up your power attack. When the enemies are close enough release your attack button to wipe them out. Two of the five enemies may hold back in the adjoining chamber. Use the knock down tactic to finish them quickly !

    Following the fight, climb up to the wooden platform, make your way to the ledge and move across to the right then performing a horizontal wall run, jump towards the wooden beam. This beam will lead you to a series of bricks. Move from one set of bricks to the other use a horizontal wall run to the right. You will need to perform one last wall run to get to the balcony.

    In the next chamber, the siege is still underway. Don’t let the chaos get to you.
    You must then proceed over a series of wooden posts and beams, you will need to perform a horizontal wall run to reach the far wooden beam.

    The prince will finally get Malik’s attention, once you have activated the three switches on the wall by performing the wall jump, you will free Malik and his men through the gate. You will have to exit the tower by leaping over the ledge and descending using the bricks. After you have dropped down off the bricks, you will need to perform a wall run.

    In the next corridor, make a wall run along the right hand side of the wall, leaping over the bricks on the left. Following the bricks on the right, you will need to perform another horizontal wall jump, as the prince slows down, jump and grab the platform on the right.

    You will then come face to face with two sergeants. You must start this battle by kicking one of them and knocking him off balance. This will leave him vulnerable and you will be able to perform an aerial attack. The best tactic is to kick both sergeants twice, this makes them fall on their backs and easy to kill.

    After you have killed both sergeants, move on and enter the next room. You will need to perform a vertical wall run to activate the switch. Run through the gate before it shuts.

    A mixed group of sergeants and soldiers will be waiting for you on the other side of the wall, move around till they’re in your view. Remember when you go into attack stand back and charge up your power attack, however in this sequence it will not have any effect on the sergeants, but it’s a good way to clear out those soldiers.
    When there are only two sergeants left, kick them both twice to finish them off.

    The next chamber is locked by a metal gate.
    There is a switch you can press to open the gate. Once again use a vertical wall run to press the switch to open the gate.

    Finding your way through the next hallway is simple, run along the right hand wall to a set of bricks. From the bricks wall run again to a platform at the end of the corridor. This will lead you to the palace.

    Once you have entered the square palace chamber, you will see a marble column, jump and climb the column. Once you have made it into position press the jump button and leap from one column to the next. Eventually making your way to a balcony.

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands walkthrough part 3 – The Palace Courtyard

    You will once again be left to look after yourself, go right and jump across the white columns. Do not slide down them, jump across to the next column.

    Once you have reached the balcony the enemies have their eye on you. There are five soldiers and two sergeants in this battle. Remember you can’t use your power attack against the sergeants.

    Once you have finished the battle you will need to move to the opposite side of the balcony. Here you will need to perform a horizontal wall run above the courtyard. Jumping and grabbing the first column.

    Jump from one column to the next until you reach the corner of the room. Slide down the present column, until you are in-line with the top of the red banner. Jump and slide down the banner.

    There are some soldiers chasing after Malik, move towards them and take them out!

    Remember to search around to vases and barrels.

    Run up to the door where Malik and his men have escaped through. We can’t get through this door, so we must climb up using the bricks, jumping to grab hold of the column, then follow the on screen instructions.

    Make a note of the pole sticking out of the wall. You can use this pole to reach the next walkway.
    There are two more poles sticking out of the wall above a large archway. Following the next walkway until you find another pole sticking out of the wall, once you have jumped from the pole slide down the red banner.


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