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  • Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Wii unlockable characters list

    27 January 2007
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    Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 for WiiDragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 on Wii has 120 playable characters to choose from. Here’s a list of how to get each of the unlockable characters from the DBZ universe.

    1. 100% Full Power Frieza – Super Transformation + Final Form Frieza
    2. Android 13 – Computer + Hatred
    3. Android 13 Fusion – Android 13 + Parts of 14&15
    4. Baby Vegeta – Baby + Vegeta (second form)
    5. Bardock – Defeat Lord Slug Saga
    6. Bojack – Unsealed + Galactic Warrior
    7. Broly – Son of Paragus + Hatred of Goku
    8. Burter – Defeat Burter and Jeice with Goku
    9. Cell – Defeat Cell with Piccolo and Android 17
    10. Cell (2nd Form) – Defeat Cell (2nd Form) with Trunks and Vegeta
    11. Cell (3rd Form or Perfect Form) – Defeat Cell (Perfect Form) with Gohan
    12. Cell (Perfect or Perfect Cell) – Self Destruction + Cell Perfect Form
    13. Cell Jr – Defeat Cell Jrs (5) with Gohan
    14. Cooler – Frieza’s Brother + Hatred of Goku
    15. Cooler Final Form – Super Transformation + Cooler
    16. Cui – Vegeta’s Rival + Frieza’s Soldier
    17. Demon King Dabura – Defeat Dabura with Adult Gohan
    18. Doboria – Defeat Doboria in Dragon Adventure
    19. Dr Gero – Defeat Dr Gero with Krillin
    20. Evil Buu – Evil Human Cannonball + Majin Buu
    21. Full Power Bojak – Ultimate Transformation + Bojack
    22. Garlick Jr. – Makyo Star + Dead Zone
    23. General Tao – Bros. of Crane Hermit + Memorial Campaign
    24. Giant Lord Slug – Slug + Giant Form
    25. Ginyu – Defeat Ginyu (with Goku’s body) and Jeice with Krillin, Vegeta, and Gohan
    26. Gohan Super Buu – Gohan Absorbed + Evil Buu
    27. Gotenks – Defeat Buu (Pure Evil) with Majin Buu and Hercule
    28. Gotenks Super Buu – Gotenks Absorbed + Evil Buu
    29. Grandpa Gohan – Master Roshi’s pupil + Fox mask
    30. Great Ape Baby – Super Baby 2 + Artificial Blutz Wave
    31. Great Ape Bardock – Power Ball + Bardock
    32. Great Ape Nappa – Power Ball + Nappa
    33. Great Ape Raditz – Power Ball + Raditz
    34. Great Ape Turles – Power Ball + Turles
    35. Great Ape Vegeta – Power Ball + Vegeta (Scouter)
    36. Great Saiyaman (Gohan) – Defeat Zangya and Bojack with Teen Gohan
    37. Great Saiyaman 2 (Videl) – Defeat Broly with Goten and Adult Gohan
    38. Guldo – Defeat Guldo with Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan
    39. Hercule – Defeat Perfect Cell with Super Trunks
    40. Hirudegarn – Hirudegarn’s Top Half + Hirudegarn’s Lower Half
    41. Janemba – Saike Demon + People’s Bad Energy
    42. Jeice – Defeat Jeice and Ginyu (with Goku’s body) with Krillin, Vegeta, and Gohan
    43. Kibitoshin – Kibito + Supreme Kai
    44. Kid Buu – Defeat Kid Buu with Goku and Vegeta
    45. Kid Goku – Defeat Grandpa Gohan
    46. Legenday Super Saiyan Broly – Super Saiyan Broly + Breakthrough the Limit
    47. Lord Slug – Namekian + Mutation
    48. Majin Buu (Pure evil) – Human gunman’s gun + Majin Buu
    49. Majin Vegeta – Defeat Majin Buu with Supreme Kai and Gohan
    50. Majin Vegeta – Defeat Buu with Adult Gohan + Supreme Kai
    51. Majuub – Defeat Super Baby 2 with Pan and Uub
    52. Master Roshi – Defeat Raditz with Goku
    53. Master Roshi Full Power – Master Roshi + Seriousness
    54. Mecha Frieza – Reconstructive Surgery + 100% Full Power Frieza
    55. Metal Cooler – Big Gete Star + Cooler
    56. Nappa – Defeat him in Dragon Adventure
    57. Omega Shenron – Syn Shenron + Ultimate Dragon Ball
    58. Pan – Defeat Hirudegarn with Tapion and Kid Trunks
    59. Pikkon – Defeat Pikkon with Goku
    60. Recoome – Defeat Recoome with Goku and Vegeta
    61. Salza – Coolers Soldier + Armored Cavalry
    62. Super Android 17 – HFIL Fighter 17 + Android 17
    63. Super Baby 1 – Baby Vegeta + Lower class Saiyan
    64. Super Baby 2 – Super Baby 1 + Power from lower class
    65. Super Buu – Defeat Super Buu with Ultimate Gohan
    66. Super Buu Gohan absorbed – Absorb Gohan + Super Buu
    67. Super Buu Gotenks absorbed – Absorb Gotenks + Super Buu
    68. Super Garlic Jr. – Garlic Jr. + Giant Form
    69. Super Gogeta – Defeat Super Janemba with Pikkon + Buu
    70. Super Gotenks – Defeat Pure Evil Buu with Buu + Hercule
    71. Super Janemba – In item fusion combine Janemba + Ultimate Transformation
    72. Super Perfect Cell – Suicide Bomb + Perfect Cell
    73. Super Saiyan 1 Teen Gohan – Defeat Perfect Cell with Super Trunks
    74. Super Saiyan 2 Goku – Defeat Majin Buu w/ Supreme Kai and Adult Gohan (Buu Saga)
    75. Super Saiyan 2 Teen Gohan – Defeat Cell Jr. (5) with Super Saiyan 1 Gohan
    76. Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta – Defeat Buu(Gotenks absorbed) with Goku
    77. Super Saiyan 3 Goku – Defeat Majin Buu with Majin Vegeta
    78. Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks – Defeat Super Buu with Gotenks
    79. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta – Defeat Omega Shneron with Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Vegeta
    80. Super Saiyan 4 Goku – Defeat Super Baby with Majuub
    81. Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta – Defeat Omega Shenron with Super Saiyan 4 Goku
    82. Super Saiyan Broly – Broly + Super Saiyan
    83. Super Saiyan Goku – Defeat Freiza Final Form w/ Piccolo, Krillin, and Kid Gohan (Freiza Saga)
    84. Super Saiyan Goten – Defeat General Tao with videl and Great Saiyaman
    85. Super Saiyan Kid Trunks – Defeat General Tao with videl and Great Saiyaman
    86. Super Saiyan Trunks – Defeat 2nd Form Cell with Tien
    87. Super Saiyan Trunks (Sword) – Defeat Androids 17 and 18 with Gohan
    88. Super Saiyan Vegeta (Second Form) – Defeat Vegeta with Super Saiyan Teen Trunks (Buu Saga)
    89. Super Trunks – Defeat Perfect Cell with Super Vegeta
    90. Super Vegeta – Defeat Cell Form 2
    91. Super Vegetto – Defeat Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) with Goku and Vegeta
    92. Supreme Kai – Defeat Android 18 with Hercule
    93. Syn Shenron – Evil Dragon + Negative Energy
    94. Syn Shenron – Evil Dragon + Negative Energy
    95. Tapion – Defeat Tapion with Trunks and Goten
    96. Trunks – Unlock History of Trunks Saga
    97. Turles -Lower-Class Saiyan Soldier + Fruit of the Gods
    98. Ultimate Gohan (Mystic) – Defeat Buu with Piccolo or Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
    99. Uub – Defeat Hirudegarn with Super Saiyan 3 Goku
    100. Vegeta (2nd Form) – Defeat Vegeta w/Super Saiyan Teen Trunks(Buu Saga)
    101. Vegeta (Post Namek) – Defeat Metal Cooler w/ Super Saiyan Goku(Return of Cooler Saga)
    102. Vegetto – Defeat Super Buu + Gohan with Goku and Vegeta
    103. Videl – Defeat Android 18 w/ Hercule (Buu Saga)
    104. Videl – Befeat Bojack and Zangya with Piccolo + Gohan
    105. Yajirobe – Defeat Great Ape Gohan with Piccolo
    106. Zangya – The Fowers of Evil + Galactic Warrior
    107. Zarbon Post-Transformation – Unsealed + Zarbon

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    • james

      The only reason I don’t like this version because during gt goku s an adult

    • affle

      thx for the help u rock

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